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Should the Platinum Ticket Return to ‘American Idol’ Next Season?

Kenedi Anderson Platinum Ticket WinnerABC/Eric McCandless

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To mark the 20th anniversary of American Idol this year, the show introduced something called the Platinum Ticket. This elevated version of the classic Golden Ticket, giving three lucky singers a shortcut in the Hollywood Week round.

The show made the gimmick out to be a single-season twist, since platinum is the gift representing 20th anniversaries. However, it might be a good idea for the show to keep this element in seasons to come. It as it adds something new and exciting to the competition.

What Is the Platinum Ticket on ‘American Idol’

Traditionally, singers who make it through to Hollywood Week after their audition receive a Golden Ticket from the judges. For Season 20, three singers in three different audition cities were awarded a Platinum Ticket instead.

This ticket allowed these singers to skip the first round of Hollywood Week, which is notorious for its grueling schedule. This season, the Platinum Tickets went to HunterGirl, Kenedi Anderson, and Jay Copeland. These singers also got to choose their partners for the duet round of Hollywood Week.

The Platinum Ticket is comparable to the Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent, which sends a contestant straight through to the live shows. This acts as a badge of honor in both the season, as well as the history of the show. Recipients of the honor are much more memorable down the line. In that sense, it’s also similar to a four-chair turn on The Voice.

None of the Platinum Ticket holders from this season of American Idol ended up winning the show, although HunterGirl came in second place to winner Noah Thompson. The other Platinum Ticket recipient Jay Copeland made it to the Top 7. Meanwhile, Kenedi Anderson dropped out of the competition after her Top 24 performance.



The Show Should Bring It Back for Season 21

American Idol was recently renewed for Season 21 on ABC, with online auditions open now, and the judging panel expected to return. We don’t have all the details yet about the next season’s format, so it’s not clear if the show plans to continue the Platinum Ticket twist in future seasons.

There are a few reasons it might be a good idea for the show to keep handing out this special honor. For one, it adds an element of suspense to the show. Viewers are already unsure about who will receive a Golden Ticket, but most aired auditions end in success. Adding just one Platinum Ticket in each city could encourage fans to keep watching for the reveal.

It also adds an interesting element to the rest of the season, because some contestants will be at an advantage and they’ll carry their title as Platinum Ticket holders throughout the competition. This can make the results seem even more shocking if one of the chosen singers is eliminated.

The show could possibly make things even more interesting by having each judge choose a Platinum Ticket recipient, much like the Golden Buzzers on AGT are chosen by individual judges. This would add even more surprise to the audition round.

American Idol already tries to manufacture suspense and drama in cheaper ways, particularly by faking out contestants when delivering results. Keeping the Platinum Ticket would add an element of uncertainty that has a basis in the contestants’ talent, rather than the judges messing with us for fun.

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