The Complete List of ‘America’s Got Talent’ Host Golden Buzzer Recipients

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The America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer was first introduced for judges use in season nine. Since then, the honor has been extended to the host of the show. Let’s reminisce on these iconic auditions by remembering each host Golden Buzzer recipient.

While it seems like the Golden Buzzer has been around forever, it was actually introduced as a tiebreaker tool in 2014. At the time, it allowed an act to go on to the next round, judgement week, regardless of the judges vote. The format was updated in the following season, giving contestants more of a reward. Since season 10, the Golden Buzzer has sent its recipients into the live shows.

The Golden Buzzer format was once again updated in season 11 when host Nick Cannon hit the Golden Buzzer for the first time. Ever since, the Golden Buzzer has remained the same throughout the original series and spin-offs, AGT: The Champions and AGT: Extreme.

1. Dorothy Williams

Cannon gave the first ever host’s choice Golden Buzzer honor to a 90 year old exotic dancer, Dorothy Williams. She performed a saucy striptease that left the judges jaw dropped. Since it was uncertain whether they would send her through to the next round, the host hit the Golden Buzzer for Dorothy.

2. Light Balance

Tyra Banks was the next AGT host to give the Golden Buzzer. In season 12, the supermodel chose to hit the Golden Buzzer for the dance crew, Light Balance. They showed off their insane choreography through the use of glow up costumes. After their audition, Banks hit the Golden Buzzer for them. They finished out the season in third place and later competed on America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

3. Zurcaroh

Banks’s Golden Buzzer pick for season 13 was none other than acrobatic group Zurcaroh. This group impressed the judges during their high energy acrobatic audition. Before the judges got the chance to vote, Banks hit the Golden Buzzer for Zurcaroh. They went on to place in second behind Shin Lim.

4. Kseniya Simonova

Terry Crews hit his Golden Buzzer for the first time during the America’s Got Talent spin off, AGT: The Champions. He hit the buzzer for Kseniya Simonova, representative of Ukraine’s Got Talent. During her audition, she told a story through the use of sand art. The story was about a person that grew up to become a famous artists and forgot their parents over time. Kseniya finished as third place overall in her season.

This season of AGT: The Champions featured one more preliminary round than the following second season. Since the following spin-off season had one less episode, Crews was unable to use the Golden Buzzer.

5. Detroit Youth Choir

In season 14, Crews gave his Golden Buzzer out to Detroit Youth Choir. The host shared that he found their performance both surprising and impressive while he hit the Golden Buzzer. Detroit Youth Choir made AGT history as the second ever choir to make it to the finals.

6. Voices of Our City Choir

Following suit with the year prior, Crews hit his Golden Buzzer for Voices of Our City Choir. This choir comprised of people experiencing homelessness in their area. They came to the stage with an original song for their audition and formed one voice for their uplifting audition. After Cowell gave his notes, Crews hit the Golden Buzzer for them.

7. World Taekwondo Demonstration Team

In season 15, Crews hit the Golden Buzzer for the one-of-a-kind act, World Taekwondo Demonstration Team. The taekwondo group earned positive notes from each of the judges ahead of receiving the Golden Buzzer. Their audition was truly unlike anything seen on the stage before.

8. Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders

The most recent host Golden Buzzer was given to AGT icon Alfredo Silva and his group the Cage Riders on AGT: Extreme. In this installment of AGT, the knife throwing alum competed as a globe of death rider along with his friends. Crews hit the Golden Buzzer for Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders before any of the judges could comment on their extreme audition.

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