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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’ Season 5 Cast Revealed: Meet the New Queens

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Now that RuPaul’s Drag Race UK premiere is coming up, fans are gearing up for another season. For the fifth season of the competition, 10 new queens will be sashaying into the werk room to shoot their shot for the crown.


With a new batch of delectable queens for season five, BBC Three is ready to bring us sensational talent and drama. Without further ado, let’s take a look at this year’s cast of queens.

Meet the Stunning Queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season Five

1. Alexis Saint-Pete

Originally hailing from Poland, Alexis Saint-Pete came to London to pursue her dream of becoming of becoming a ballet dancer. She later discovered drag, thus becoming a self-proclaimed “clown in a supermodel body.” Hoping to make her hometown proud, the 29-year-old drag queen promises “splits, kicks, turns, tricks” until she snatches the winning crown.

2. Banskie

Arguably one of the tallest queens to ever strut the runway, Banksie stands over seven feet tall. This 23-year-old supermodel loves to channel “dark, horrible women” of the 1930s and 1940s, putting a modern twist to her style. As she joins season five of Drag Race UK, Banksie plans to disrupt your preconceived notions of drag.

3. Cara Melle

Despite coming from Atlanta, Georgia, Cara Melle flourished her drag career in London. Since she moved to the city, she’s become known for her Beyonce impersonations. With her electrifying performances, Cara Melle is no doubt, one of the sought-after drag performers in town.

4. DeDeLicious

Drag Race UK season five is DeDeLicious’ first time to officially enter a reality competition, but she’s not unfamiliar with how it works. This 20-year-old Kent native has designed outfits that other drag queens have worn on the show, including those that have been sported by her drag sister, season three winner Krystal Versace. With this awesome background, DeDelicious thinks she could go far on the show.

5. Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson describes herself as “a helium balloon in the shape of a woman.” This 34-year-old drag queen has successfully entertained her audiences for the last 15 years. As she enters Drag Race UK season five, she’s willing to bare all her creativity to win the show.

6. Kate Butch

Describing herself to be “the Comic Sans of drag,” Kate Butch displays a “quirky, theatrical” style of drag. She particularly describes her drag as “Hollywood starlet with a migraine.” While she’s most often seen as a comedian, her singing and acting skills are expected to bring her until the end of the competition.

7. Michael Marouli

Michael Marouli began as a male-presenting performer who launched her drag career a few years later. After doing “every drag gig imaginable,” the now 39-year-old queen returns to UK to grace Drag Race UK. As an all-around entertainer, she’s all ready to spread her magic in every challenge during the competition.

8. Miss Naomi Carter

Equally inspired by Naomi Campbell and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Naomi Carter has been doing drag for five years. She describes herself as a “small-town queen” who “don’t you dare underestimate.” After applying during the last three seasons, she’ll make sure to represent her Gambian heritage with all her glory.

9. Tomara Thomas

A showgirl and a dancer trained in musical theatre, Tomara Thomas is a 25-year-old drag queen from Hartlepool. She grew up in a town without any gay bars and moved to London where she became a superstar of the drag brunch scene. Let’s see if this “stunning, hilarious and down for a laugh” will make it to the top of Drag Race UK season five.

10. Vicki Vivacious

Vicki Vivacious is the cabaret queen of Cornwall, coming from farmland to the runway. Her hard work as a performer is matchless, doing between six and nine shows a week. As a self-described “glamourpuss with the mouth of Kerry Katona,” she’s the first Cornish queen to ever grace Drag Race UK.

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