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Octopus Revealed in Double Elimination Cliffhanger on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 6

The Masked Singer OctopusMichael Becker/FOX

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The Masked Singer Season 6 delivered a double elimination right off the bat during the season premiere. Well, sort of. Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Ken Jeong are back with their wacky guesses. One huge athlete was revealed tonight after a fun-filled performance. To keep everyone guessing, they are saving the second reveal for tomorrow night’s episode.

Which Celebrity Was Revealed During ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 6 Premiere?

Octopus is by far to be the tallest contestant The Masked Singer has ever seen. He revealed that eight is his lucky number and he’s a lucky guy. Octopus reached success at a young age and fell hard in the spotlight. He got a fresh start by letting go of his ego. Octopus performed an energetic rendition of “Tutti Frutti” on stage.

The background dancers were dressed in adorable fruit costumes. It was so much fun. McCarthy said Octopus brought the same energy that Wiz Khalifa brought last season as Chameleon. She read all of our minds and guessed that it could be Dennis Rodman. Jeong, an NBA expert, said he knew exactly who it was. He guessed Dwight Howard.

Unfortunately, Octopus was one of the two contestants who received the least votes. Jeong got it right this time, and it was Howard after all. He rarely ever guesses correctly. The NBA Champion and eight-time All-Star was such a great sport on The Masked Singer stage. The number eight in the clue package was a dead giveaway to Howard’s identity.

Mother Nature Leaves the Episode in a Cliffhanger

The voice disguiser on Mother Nature’s costume did not do a good job at hiding her voice. In the first five seconds of the clue package, I shouted, “Vivica A. Fox” across my living room. Even though I initially ragged on Mother Nature’s costume, the sentiment behind it is actually sweet.

Fox has never been a mother but said she is “very protective” of the ones she loves. Mother Nature’s clue package highlighted a photo of Wayne Brady who won Season 2 of The Masked Singer. Brady and Fox have worked together in the past. She performed “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross. Jeong thought it was Tiffany Haddish. Scherzinger’s first impression guess was Chelsea Handler but changed her guess to Tracee Ellis Ross. Thicke agreed with this guess.

Just as Nick Cannon was removing Mother Nature’s mask, the screen cut to black. The episode is to be continued. We will not know Mother Nature’s identity until tomorrow. This is very new because usually, The Masked Singer is straight to the point with their reveals. The added element of surprise is seriously anxiety-inducing.

Robin Thicke Thinks There is Already a Frontrunner

There was a very obvious standout among all of the performers tonight. Bull grew up in a small town surrounded by cows. One of his clues was Cooperstown and a connection to Astronaut from The Masked Singer Season 3. He started singing “Drops of Jupiter” from behind the judging table. This was such a boss move.

Confetti fell from the ceiling and the judges were up on their feet. He said that he is actually quite shy about singing. With a voice like that, it came as a total shock. McCarthy guessed that it is Brian Littrell because there are always boyband members on each season. Thicke guessed that it is Sisqó because he guesses that every season. Jeong thinks it is Dwayne Johnson. There is zero chance of that happening.

Thicke said that Bull is so good, he is the frontrunner to go to the finale. He really gave the cleanest vocals of the night. Skunk was a close second and definitely had the most glamourous costume. She said there are two sides to every story and she finally has a chance to tell hers. Skunk had the biggest build-up into a performance ever on the show. It felt like the Olympics opening ceremony.

The stage went black before she belted “Diamonds” by Sam Smith. This is obviously someone who has a lot of on-stage experience. Scherzinger said, “that’s some royalty up there.” Jeong threw out his usual Anita Baker guess.

Which celebrity do you think is under the Mother Nature mask on The Masked Singer?

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