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‘The Masked Singer’s Mother Nature Costume Literally Looks Like a Sloppy Salad

The Masked Singer Mother NatureMichael Becker/FOX

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Some of The Masked Singer Season 6 costumes look great. Other’s look like basic arts and crafts projects. Mother Nature is one of the latest costumes to be revealed ahead of the Sept. 22 premiere. The idea behind this costume is very cool. Unfortunately, the end result is a little lame.

Mother Nature Costume on ‘The Masked Singer’ is the Biggest Letdown

The designers could have taken the Mother Nature concept and given us the best costume we’ve ever seen. Instead, they gave us a costume that resembles my salad order at Sweetgreen. It just looks like some leaves were hot glued onto mesh material. The hair looks like a bunch of grapes and broccoli heads smooshed together. It’s giving me swamp queen vibes.

I think they could’ve gone even bigger with this costume. It needs bigger flowers, more gems, and more spice. Am I crazy for thinking that Mother Nature should be wearing a crown? A personification of nature can literally be anything you want it to be. A few woodland creatures hanging off of the costume would have been adorable.

The face of the Mother Nature costume is very realistic and resembles tree bark. Initially, I thought of that terrifying live-action Pinocchio film. I’m still not warming up to the idea of costumes having more human-like attributes. Baby is the first human costume on the U.S. version of the show. That was already horrifying enough.

There is only one way Mother Nature can change my opinion of her costume. She needs to perform RuPaul’s “Call Me Mother” during the competition. To my surprise, most of the comments about Mother Nature on the show’s Instagram are positive. Many pointed out that this costume was originally supposed to be used for Season 4, but got scrapped at the last minute. I personally feel like they should have left it in the vault.

My first guess for this costume was Greta Thunberg, but I feel like she would shake her head at its lack of pizzazz. Other guesses are Shailene Woodley and Jane Fonda, but I don’t think they would wear this.

Another New Costume Could Be the Worst the Series Has Ever Seen

Despite my Simon Cowell-like critiques, Mother Nature isn’t my least favorite costume of the season. It’s hard to find the proper words to describe the Octopus. It looks like he was hired for a children’s birthday party and just happened to show up to The Masked Singer set.

Why is the costume fluffy? Octopus should be made out of latex, vinyl, or something eye-catching. This costume looks rushed. Octopus should have been as big as Beach Ball with tentacles all around it. You can tell that the designers tried to give this costume a little bit of swagger with the fedora and cape, but the glasses and the smile are throwing me off.

Some fans think that Rob Paulsen is under the mask. The legendary voice actor became the new voice of Prince Eric in Disney’s The Little Mermaid and also voiced an animated octopus. He is a master at throwing his voice, so he is the perfect contestant for The Masked Singer.

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