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Nikki Bella Says You’ll Be on the Edge of Your Seat During ‘AGT: Extreme’

Nikki BellaSami Drasin/NBC

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Days before the premiere of AGT: Extreme, judge Nikki Bella sat down and expressed how extreme the new show really is. AGT: Extreme is the newest and most wild spin off of America’s Got Talent. The new series brings daredevils to a huge outdoor arena.

This is the WWE veteran’s first time judging a series like AGT: Extreme. She’s known for being a part of the WWE duo, The Bella Twins. Nikki and her sister Brie wrestled professionally from 2007 to 2015. AGT fans weren’t surprised to see Bella on the panel for this series, since she has such a large name in an extreme sport.

Nikki Bella Gets Chills When She Thinks About What’s To Come On AGT: Extreme

In a new sneak peak, fans can see wheelchair motocross, human cannonballs, people jumping over moving cars, and more. The video also showed Bella sitting at the judging panel in the series. In front of her is a red buzzer and golden buzzer, so it seems like the beloved golden buzzer will be in this series as well. The judge shared that she got chills just by thinking of what’s to come on the series.

“I can’t describe to you the talent, extreme, crazy. We’re outside because this stuff cannot be in doors. The sky’s the limit but what these people do are life and death,” Bella said. “It’s so extreme, so amazing, you’re literally on the edge of your seat, it’s so awesome. I saw things I never would’ve saw before but it’s thrilling.”

Bella shared that this series is about pushing the limits of what these daredevils can do. The large stage gave them the opportunity to create the acts they’ve always dreamt of. She expressed that each contestant is extremely talented, so she wasn’t afraid for their lives.

“I love that industry, I love action sports, I love extreme, I love when people can push themselves to the limits and do it in a beautifully creative way,” Bella said. “They make their talent on extreme in a creative way.”

While Bella only sits at the judging table, she shared that she will be seen pushing her own limits in an upcoming episode. The WWE veteran is known for being extreme in the ring, but is totally afraid of heights. She promised that she pushes her limit on heights in an episode.

America’s Got Talent Shares Their “Blueprint Acts” For AGT: Extreme

America’s Got Talent has had extreme contestants in the past, but never like this. These contestants are given the biggest national stage to create death defying, extreme acts. On Feb 15, AGT shared an instagram carousel of the acts that inspired the new series. These acts were Duo Transcend, Celestia, Deadly Games, Adrian Bryant, Matt Johnson, and others.

There has been no confirmation of if AGT: Extreme will act like AGT: The Champions in only having former Got Talent acts compete. The only former act confirmed at this time is AGT alum Jonathan Goodwin, due to his horrific on stage accident. Fans in the comment section of the recent Instagram post are speculating that each of the acts are involved in the spin off series in some way. AGT: Extreme premieres on NBC on Monday, Feb 21 from 8 to 10 p.m. EST.

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