New ‘The Masked Singer’ UK Version Taking Over X Factor!?

Pablo Urdiales Antelo
7 months

The Masked Singer‘ is making it’s way to the UK and it could be the next big thing! Making it’s grand UK debut next spring, this could be the end of hit singing show, ‘X Factor‘…

‘The Masked Singer’ made it’s worldwide debut in the US, airing on FOX.

How does ‘The Masked Singer’ work?

Well, it’s a pretty cool idea. The main premise is that celebrities feature on the show to sing but the main difference is they are masked (hence the title!). This adds so much more depth to the show seen as the judges are left to try and figure out who is under the mask! The show has done amazingly in the US with fans across the country making their predictions on who’s actually performing. Once finalists are voted off the competition, their true identity is revealed.

Who are the judges & host for the all new UK show?

Now this is a lineup! Hosting the show is comedian and presenter, Joel Dommett. The judges include Rita Ora, Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross and Ken Jeong.

Rita Ora has featured on many singing talent shows in the past including The Voice UK

Could this be the end of ‘The X Factor’?

Well, we’re not quite sure. What we do know is that Simon has a great ongoing relationship with ITV over the years that both his hit shows have aired (BGT & X Factor). Although this new show may bring a new audience of talent show fans, ‘X Factor’ is still doing okay in viewing ratings.

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What we do know is that ‘The Masked Singer’ is totally different to other talent shows out there and bring a little more fun to the table, something Cowell has attempted to do over the last few years.

Many UK fans have taken to Twitter to express their excitement for the new show:

‘The Masked Singer UK’ guest judges have been announced…

Kelly and Sharon Osbourne will be joining the UK panel as guest judges! Sharon has a ton of experience in the talent show world and despite expressing how she has began to dislike them, we’re sure she’ll have a blast!

Want to get ahead and find out all the latest updates on The Masked Singer UK?

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