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Morgan Myles Turns Four Chairs in Early ‘The Voice’ Audition

The Voice Season 22Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

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The Voice Season 22 premieres on Monday, and the show has released a Blind Audition from singer Morgan Myles to get us excited. Morgan turned all four chairs and even inspired new coach Camila Cabello to use her block on Gwen Stefani.

Morgan Myles Auditions for ‘The Voice’ Season 22

For her The Voice Blind Audition, Morgan performed “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Cabello was so impressed, she turned around almost immediately, blocking Stefani in the process. Stefani hit her own button to turn around right afterward, not realizing what Cabello had done.

Morgan strummed her guitar and put a country-tinged spin on the famous song, showing off a voice that Stefani described as “so pretty.” Eventually, both John Legend and Blake Shelton turned their chairs, making Morgan a four-chair turn.

When Stefani realized she had been blocked, she got up from her chair and said Morgan had “looked straight into my soul.” She pointed accusingly at Cabello and said, “It was you.” Cabello blew her a kiss in response.



Which Coach Will Morgan Choose?

Morgan Myles is 35 years old and hails from Nashville, Tennessee. She called herself “a full-time touring artist,” adding that her parents “have been my rocks in a really, really hard industry.” Morgan described herself as “on the edge of country” and “extremely soulful,” adding that she likes pop melodies and storytelling.

The Voice coaches got to work making their case for why Morgan should join their team. Legend called it “one of the best Blind Auditions I’ve seen in quite a long time.” Cabello said she has “such a gorgeous tone,” telling Morgan that she wants to hear records from her.

Shelton then took the dramatic route by hitting his red button and putting his fellow coaches in darkness while he talked to Morgan. As Cabello said, “I didn’t know we could do that!” Is this a new element of the season, or is it just Shelton being Shelton?

The video leaves us on a cliffhanger, as we wonder who Morgan will choose as her coach. We’ll find out when The Voice Season 22 premieres Monday, September 19, at 8/7c on NBC.

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