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Meet Mike E. Winfield, ‘AGT’s Stand-Up Comedian Going to the Live Shows

Mike E. Winfield auditions for 'America's Got Talent'Photos by: Trae Patton/NBC

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In a pool of captivating singers and dancers going to America’s Got Talent Season 17, comedy still managed to secure a space in the competition. Mike E. Winfield is one of the six comedians who made it to the live shows and we’re obviously not oblivious why.

Simon Cowell Says Mike E. Winfield Has a Real Star Quality

Mike E. Winfield grasped the art of telling jokes for over 15 years, and such command he manifested on stage during his 2-minute audition has proven that. Escaping the rowdy streets of Baltimore, he left his hometown and pursued a comedy career in California. Today, Mike is a stand-up comedian set to illuminate the stage of AGT once again as he performs in the live shows.

Drawing out his jokes from his marriage to the job he decided to quit after he’s hated it for years, Mike’s comedy has effortlessly captured the hearts of the audiences during his audition. His conversational and engaging manner of humoring listeners has given him a slot to advance in the competition. Subsequently, he’s received all 4 votes from the judges who evidently adored his wit and antics.

“You have a real star quality about you, Mike,” Simon Cowell commented. “We always say an audition on this show two minutes can literally change your life. Maybe this is one of those auditions.”

Who is Mike E. Winfield before AGT?

Mike is not an unfamiliar face in the business. Apparently, he has made certain appearances on screen. As an actor, he was a recurring character in American sitcom The Office. Additionally, he made its way to Netflix when featured in Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo. He also appeared in The Late Show with David Letterman and portrayed several acting roles in movies.

Mike released My Side of the Story in 2017 as his stand-up comedy special. Afterwards, in 2019, he launched another special in Amazon Prime Video  entitled StepMan.

How StepMan Made Mike’s Audition Remarkable

Mike’s short performance on his AGT audition was largely derived from his personal experiences. Stepman, the term he calls his stepson because of their close age gap, is an element that made him fantastically funny.

According to his website, Mike inevitably had to grow up quickly because he married early with an older woman who has a child. He regarded this sooner-than-expected event of his life as a problem and thus, the various mistakes he has committed as a husband.

Nonetheless, the website stated that this situation developed his character and helped him nurture a relationship with his “stepman.” Eventually, he elicits inspiration from this circumstance and transforms it into story trinkets he presents on stage as a comedian.

Among the 55 acts vying for the ultimate victory, America is yet to see whether his humor will set him apart from the rest. Will Mike E. Winfield be the first comedian in the finale? Make sure to tune into America’s Got Talent this week to find out.

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