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Former ‘X Factor’ Contestants Sue Simon Cowell’s Company for “Bullying, Mistreatment, Neglect”

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Describing their X Factor struggle as a “horrific experience,” six unnamed former contenders have decided to sue Simon Cowell’s Company, SyCo Entertainment. They launched the £1 million-plus worth lawsuit due to allegedly suffering trauma and anxiety from “bullying, mistreatment, and neglect.”

One group along with five solo acts agreed to contact a leading law firm to indict SyCo Entertainment. These former contestants emphasized that such act is a means of getting the justice they feel they deserve.

Former X Factor Contestants Team Together for Lawsuit

This multi-million dollar case is set to compensate for the time and money that these contestants have put into therapy following their competition show appearance. Nonetheless, while SyCo is the legal personality being sued, they specifically mentioned that Simon must atone for their awful loss.

“Simon needs to take responsibility. We lost a lot of money from having periods of our lives not making money to deal with trauma still ingrained from the show,” they told UK’s Sunday Mirror.

They continued, “It’s very easy for the public to see us with makeup, beautiful clothes and dry ice floating around. But just moments before stepping on stage many contestants were sleep deprived, in tears and suffering trauma.”

Former contestants stated that they have emails, recordings and psychological assessments as evidence to prove that they indeed have suffered.

Former X Factor Contestants Claim They Were “Thrown Into The World With Very Little After Care”

According to UK’s Sunday Mirror, several X Factor contestants belong to the impoverished sector. Thus, being able to enter the said talent show is most likely winning a lottery ticket.

“When I entered the show I was confident, ambitious and charismatic. Now I am extremely untrusting, emotional, nervous and full of anxiety,” former contestant shared.

However, they claimed that contending throughout the competition has led them to serious consequences.

“You’re sold the dream, but once you’re off the show, you’re thrown into the world with very little after care,” they expressed.

They even added, “Your mental wellbeing was of no one’s interest. We were just pawns in their game.”

SyCo, X Factor Respond to Accusations

In the coming months, the public anticipates to know more about the facts and circumstances surrounding the case. SyCo told Mirror that Simon Cowell was not aware of the allegation and he is not personally involved in the accusation.

On the other hand, a spokesman for X Factor expressed that welfare of participants have been their number one priority. They also acknowledged that they are uninformed of the legal allegations. Nonetheless, they remain open to talk over concerns with anyone albeit off-air since years.

In the near future, the talent show is expected to share a great detail as regards the settlement of the issue together with SyCo Entertainment to the public.

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