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Meet Duo Dadiva, The Acrobats Who Do Impossible Balancing Acts on ‘AGT’

Duo Davida auditions for 'America's Got Talent'Photos by: Trae Patton/NBC

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The America’s Got Talent stage has featured some of the most impressive acrobatic performers in the world. However, one dazzling pair from Cuba has emerged as a sensation that is turning heads and defying gravity. The dynamic Duo Dadiva is poised to be the next big acrobatic and balancing act on the grandest stage of them all, AGT Season 18.

Duo Dadiva Are Successful Got Talent Competitors

As the spotlight shines brighter than ever on AGT, the team of Amalia Cruz Duquen and Lyolexan Torres are set to astonish audiences with their awe-inspiring acrobatics and undeniable chemistry. Hailing from the vibrant world of Cuban circus arts, Duo Dadiva has already captured international attention. They first appeared on the revered stages of Got Talent All Stars Spain and France’s Got Talent.

Duo Dadiva catapulted into the spotlight during their captivating performance on France’s Got Talent in 2022. Their gravity-defying balance act left audiences awe-struck. They reached all the way to the Semi-Finals and set the stage for their remarkable journey.

Following their triumph in France, they continued their ascent by participating in Got Talent All Stars Spain in early 2023. Their act, which seemed to challenge both the laws of physics and human capability, garnered widespread acclaim. The duo’s daring and dazzling performance left the judges and viewers alike speechless and entranced.

Now, the Duo Dadiva is ready to conquer the American audience on the grand platform of AGT Season 18. Amalia and Lyolexan, armed with a reputation for pushing the boundaries of acrobatics and an unwavering trust in each other’s abilities, are ready to present another show-stopping act that defies expectations.

They Are Successful Circus Performers

Their journey to stardom doesn’t end at Got Talent competitions. Duo Dadiva has further cemented their reputation as successful circus performers on the international stage. In a remarkable display of their extraordinary talents, the duo earned the honor of representing Cuba at the prestigious Bayeux International Circus Festival, an event that brings together the finest circus acts from around the world.

Amalia graduated from the prestigious National School of Art and a graduate of the National Circus School of Cuba. She brings her rich training and expertise to the heart of their mesmerizing acts.

On the other end of this awe-inspiring partnership is Iyolexan, another graduate of the Cuban circus academy. He boasts an impressive resume, including performances at the famed Tropicana Cabaret and participation in internationally renowned events like the Bayeux International Cirque Festival and the illustrious International Festival of Circ Elefant d’Or.

With Iyolexán specializing in unicycle and rola-bola and Amalia bringing her own unique flair to the partnership, their performance at Bayeux International Circus Festival was a breathtaking display of harmony, precision, and sheer courage.

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