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Meet Daneliya Tuleshova: The 13-Year-Old Kazakh Vocalist On ‘America’s Got Talent’

10 Facts About Daneliya Tuleshova, The 13-Year-Old Kazakh Vocalist On 'AGT'Instagram/NBC

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From the second you hear Daneliya Tuleshova sing, you instantly get chills up your spine. At just 13 years old, she has already taken the world by storm and conquered a multitude of reality talent competitions before making her way to the biggest one of all, America’s Got Talent. Let’s take a deep dive to find out more about this powerhouse performer.


Daneliya Tuleshova Was Born In Kazakhstan

Daneliya was born in Astana, Kazakhstan in 2006. Though she was born in Astana which is now known as Nur-Sultan, she says her hometown is the city of Almaty. This 13-year-old loves the warm temperatures of her country, and how nice and hospitable the townsfolk are. One of her favorite places to visit is the Charyn River whenever she can. She speaks both Russian and English. She lives with her parents and her two younger siblings Timur and Amelie. Timur is pursuing judo and Amelie is training in ballet. They both look up to their older sister immensely and are so proud of her for all of the amazing things she has accomplished at such a young age. They even did a spread for Harper’s Bazaar together.

Danelyia Suffered A Gymnastics Injury That Led Her To Start Singing More

In the midst of singing and dancing, Danelyia also did gymnastics. But after suffering from a bad fall and being injured at the age of 4, she was unable to return to the sport. This contributed to her singing more and taking more vocal lessons as she recovered.


Ballroom Dancing Was One Of Daneliya Tuleshova’s First Passions

When she was just 6 years old, Daneliya began taking dance lessons. She got her start competing in local dance competitions and also began taking acting lessons. More vocal lessons soon followed and she entered a competition called “New Wave Kids” where she made it to the finals. After her success at this international contest, she began to focus more on singing and took private voice lessons for the first time. All the while, she continued to compete at dance competitions. Wow, she really has been given so many talents! She said in an interview with KTLA 5 that she started singing when she was born but started singing professionally when she was 10.

She Won ‘The Voice Kids Ukraine’

Daneliya fans already know that she won the Ukrainian version of The Voice Kids in 2017. Her audition singing Demi Lovato’s song “Stone Cold” immediately captured all of the coaches’ attention. She gained even more fans and exposure after that. She was the first non-Ukrainian to win the show. Daneliya also competed in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest of 2018 and finished in sixth place.


Danelyia Competed on ‘The World’s Best’

She competed on The World’s Best and auditioned with a rendition of Andra Day’s “Rise Up.” Her performance was so good she even made judge Drew Barrymore cry. Daneliya made it to the top 8 before being eliminated. She said it was her dream to meet Drew Barrymore, RuPaul, Faith Hill and James Corden and really enjoyed her time on the show.



She Established A Friendship With ‘World’s Best’ Competitor Dimash Kudaibergen 

You might remember from ‘World’s Best’ that fellow Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen was a favorite to win the competition. His extensive vocal range could never be matched. But, he shockingly withdrew during the Championship Round, which was the semi-final round. This is because he wanted to give younger performers like Danelyia a chance to really showcase their young talents. The pair have always maintained a friendship and have both gone on to become global superstars. Dimash even competed on The Masked Singer in China.


The TNT Boys Said Danelyia Was Their Biggest Competition On ‘The World’s Best’

Filipino boyband TNT Boys gained prominence on The World’s Best and made it all the way to the Championship Round. In an interview with MEAWW, they said “Our strongest competitors would be Dimash Kudaibergen, Daneliya Tuleshova, and Liliac Band.” Rightfully so, all of the acts on the show were absolutely amazing and all went on to further their careers and garner millions of fans from all over the world.


One Of Her Biggest Celebrity Inspirations Is Cardi B

In an interview with Extra, Danelyia declared “Beyonce is my queen.” She also said that she loves Ariana Grande and Cardi B. In fact, she said that her favorite episode of Carpool Karaoke with ‘World’s Best’ host James Corden is the episode that features Cardi B. She found it hilarious when Cardi B said that she has a lot of cars but she does not know how to drive and only uses them for pictures.

She Has A Special Relationship With Her Mom

Danelyia released the song “Mama” in 2019 to honor her mom and all of the strong women in her life. Her mother, sister and grandmothers all appeared in the music video because she said they are all in the leading roles of her life. The music video depicts the story of a young girl traveling to return to her mother. On Instagram, she wrote, “This is a song about how much I love my Mom and dedicate to all Moms on earth since every person has only one mother and needs to appreciate every moment spent with her!”

Along with the music video came a slideshow featuring pictures of her mom and her and it genuinely is so sweet it might just make you cry.


Daneliya Absolutely Loves Being In America

She also said on KTLA 5 that when she got to America she felt free as a bird. She spent a lot of time in California prior to her ‘AGT’ audition. One of the things she marveled at in America was yellow school buses. And another thing she is also keen on are American pharmacies because they have “everything for life.” It was her dream to make slime with Elmers Glue and she could not believe that they sold it at American pharmacies. What better way to celebrate her love for America than being on America’s Got Talent season 15?



We don’t exactly know if Daneliya Tuleshova will win America’s Got Talent but we wish her to make it all the way to the end. She has a huge fan base already and has a really great shot at winning.

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