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Meet CAROLINE, TikTok’s Aspiring Pop Singer with an Inspirational Message


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New TikTok star Caroline is an aspiring pop singer who hopes to radiate positivity in everything she does. She has released multiple positive anthems and stays true to herself and her story on her social media platforms. Not only is Caroline an aspiring singer, she also uses her platforms to raise awareness on the eating disorder recovery process.

Caroline shared on TikTok that she developed an eating disorder that then lead to mast cell activation syndrome, essentially making her allergic to all foods. She is now slowly recovering and sharing the journey with her followers.

How Caroline Got Her Start in Music

Caroline currently has 503,100 followers on TikTok and is using her platform to share her music and personal journey. She is an aspiring pop singer who has released numerous tunes on Spotify and is known for singing on live stream.

“I joined [TikTok] the app, well mainly, I remember I was doing an all day Instagram live and then everybody was talking about the TikTok trends and the dances and were telling me to join so then I kind of just thought it would be fun,” said Caroline. “Then I got a little addicted.”

She began writing music at 12-years-old and has been obsessed ever since. Since she began writing, she has looked for anyway to record and release her songs. Caroline enjoys releasing her music independently because she gets the ultimate say on the meaning behind her songs. Her newest song “Favorite Person in the World” holds a positive vibe, much like her other releases.

“It was mainly just about like telling somebody in your life how much you love them and how fortunate we are for them because a lot of times we don’t do that,” she said.

Even though a lot of her music holds a positive meaning, not all of her songs are happy. Caroline writes music based off the state of mind she’s in. She’s honest in the fact that, although she tries to produce positive songs, she’s not always in a positive mindset.

“Even if it’s a sad song hopefully people will feel like they’re not alone and like they’re not the only person going through it,” said Caroline. “If it’s happy they’ll just be in a good mood and able to dance or have fun.”

Caroline Hopes to Grow with Original Songs

Caroline’s releases are mostly inspired from the music of Madonna. On Instagram and TikTok, she can often be seen singing her own music in addition to covers. Unfortunately, we might not see her on America’s Got Talent or American Idol anytime soon.

“I don’t know I feel like it’s hard because you can’t do original songs, but if you could do original songs I would love that,” said Caroline. “I enjoy doing them [covers] but originals are mainly where my heart lies.”

If another show like Songland were to pop up to give songwriters the opportunity to play their original music, it would be a no-brainer for her. On top of singing, Caroline also dances. She began dancing after admiring people who sing and dance together in a performance.

“I always thought it always made the performance more interesting so it [learning to dance] mainly started from that,” said Caroline. “Then I actually like loved ballet so much, which isn’t like-I mean I guess you could sing and do ballet at the same time if you wanted to.”

When Caroline isn’t posting videos about her eating disorder recovery journey, she’s either singing or dancing. This aspiring singer tries to uplift her followers through everything she posts. She wants her social media accounts to provide relaxing atmosphere for her fans. There’s so many negative things happening in the world, so she hopes her account is a breath of fresh air.

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2 years ago

I wish we had more people like this young woman in the world. Her talent is beyond any words I could type, I know she knows she’s talented…but I can hardly wait to see her really burst out. As someone with anxiety , tho I am older than Caroline I can relate to her. Not only has her music won me over but I wish so badly I could support her as a friend IRL. I too was bullied badly!! I pray I see her name on a Hollywood star one day and her writing and singing for the stars.… Read more »

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