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Koshadillz Explains What It’s Actually Like to Go Viral on TikTok


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Rami Matan, also known as Kosahdillz, has recently gone viral for performing with rapper Fat Joe. Rami stands with his favorite saying “we outside til we inside,” he currently performs outside of large venues for tips. He is a freestyle rapper in New York City with 10,400 followers on TikTok and 52,800 on Instagram.

The 40 year old rapper is currently living through a regrowth period. Although he used to perform for large shows, he’s recently gone back to performing on the street. He had first taken to the stage in 1999 at Nuyorican Poets Café in New York City where he freestyle rapped. He’s released albums and worked with producers with large names, but never caught on in mainstream rap.

“I call it user friendly. I make songs about fun things. Like I made a song about– on my new album Nobody Cares Except You, called ‘Tommy Pickles,’ which is about the Rugrats, but then there’s a song called ‘Nobody Cares Except You‘ so it’s a bit darker,” said Rami. “I’ve been sober for over 17 years, so I come from a lot of, a darker place. I use light hearted music to kind of deal with my darker stuff.”

His album Nobody Cares Except You was released in October 2020. He posted his first TikTok in 2017, but began posting more regularly in June of 2019. Although he has not always shared his rap career on this platform, he has now found great success in doing so.


Koshadillz Goes Viral for Rapping with Fat Joe on TikTok

On October 27, Rami shared a video of him rapping with Fat Joe out side of a New York Knicks game. He described the experience as something always exciting and new. This particular night he decided to open an umbrella and rap in the rain.

“We started filming and Fat Joe just walked by so I started rapping directed towards him,” said Rami. “Here comes Fat Joe, and he turns around and he’s like ‘yo’ and he takes out some money to give me a tip, which is ill. Then he grabs the mic and starts rapping a very famous verse from a song that I knew. So that happened. It’s pouring rain in the nor’easter, Knicks won, everyones happy, and then people start freaking out.”

As a result of his video with Fat Joe, Rami has gotten the opportunity to perform on stage at Maxim Magazine’s sports betting party. The TikToker bought his own ticket to the show, but knew that Fat Joe would be performing.

“Fat Joe saw me there and he brought me backstage, he interviewed me, and then they invited me to perform with them on stage,” said Rami. “That’s like the next trifecta of this, and then I finished the lines I did and that was basically the culmination of the full circle, up next is to get a song with Fat Joe.”

Rami enjoys keeping his fans guessing on TikTok. He considers himself an improv rapper and his TikTok’s show off that side of him. There are times where his raps are more serious, and others where they’re simply for fun. He strives to show himself having a good time so his followers will go out and do the same.

“I thought it [TikTok] was fun and I just want everyone else to feel that it’s more so inspiring for them to go out, do stuff and have fun, you don’t have to stick to a script, and that’s my whole thing, I don’t have a script. I want people to fall in love with the process,” said Rami.

Rami is authentically himself on social media, so he hopes his fans have a good sense of who he is from it. He hopes that his authenticity will make fans want to go to his shows if he were to tour.

Right now, Koshadillz is specifically headed toward a larger career in underground rap. Even though he has a following from his current rap career, he wouldn’t be opposed to joining a talent show.

“Even though I might have had a long career in underground rap and done things, I think that talent is talent and that even if millions of people see you, there’s billions of people in the world,” said Rami. “I have some friends that have tried out for the show [America’s Got Talent], they’ve had great success, and if that gets you seen by more people and gets you more opportunities I’m always open to anything and everything.”

He noted that the experience actually might benefit him because he’d get to work with a vocal coach.

“There’s a lot of talent out there and I can’t sing, it would be good to take some singing lessons,” said Rami. “I mean listen I have melodies and so but I keep it quite normal. I have friends that are way better singers than me and producers, I stick to the rap.”

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