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Meet 50 of ‘The Voice’ Season 21 Contestants Vying for a Spot on the Show


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The talent on Season 21 of The Voice is about to blow your mind. The contestants have finally been able to reveal that they auditioned for the show. You might even recognize some familiar faces from other talent competitions. Check out 50 of the contestants who will be competing on The Voice this season in front of new coach Ariana Grande.

50 ‘The Voice’ Contestants Who Auditioned for Season 21

1. Girl Named Tom

Girl Named Tom is a small-town sibling band. Before the pandemic, Bekah and her brothers Josh and Caleb drove their mini-van across the country to perform 67 shows. Follow their journey on Instagram @girlnamedtom.


2. Jonathan Mouton

Jonathan Mouton starred in the finale episode of Encore, the series that Kristen Bell executively produced on Disney+ in 2020. Head over to his Instagram @jonathanmoutonofficial to listen to his EP that was released this summer.


3. David Vogel

David Vogel sings in the band JADN. Their debut EP dropped in July and garnered them over 30,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Follow David on Instagram @davidlvogel.


4. Hailey Green

Hailey Green auditioned for The Voice in Season 19 but did not get any chair turns. After performing at the Crawfish Music Festival, Hailey is ready for her second chance on the show. Keep up with her on Instagram @haileygreenmusicofficial.


5. Clint Sherman

Clint Sherman is a singer and songwriter who led the band Blackland Fever. He is a master of both rock and country music. Follow Clint on Instagram @clintshermanmusic.


6. Bella DeNapoli

Bella DeNapoli grew up inspired by her parents who are in two bands together. She studied music with former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. Keep up with Bella’s journey on The Voice @belladenapoli.


7. Manny Keith

Earlier this year, Manny Keith released the song “Don’t Make It Harder On Me” with America’s Got Talent star Brooke Simpson. He posts frequently on TikTok and you can follow him @mannykeith.


8. Raquel Trinidad

Raquel Trinidad competed on Season 17 of American Idol and made it all the way to the Top 20. She is going for her second shot at talent show success with her 13,000 Instagram followers rallying behind her. Follow her @groovyraq.


9. Paris Winningham

Paris Winningham is a Navy veteran but his whole goal in life has been to make music. He was one of the featured artists in the trailer for The Voice Season 21. Follow his journey @paris_winn37.


10. Aaron Hines

Aaron Hines is a leadership coach from San Antonio, Texas. His past song covers include John Legend’s “All of Me.” Follow Aaron on Instagram @aaron_hines_.


11. Wyatt Michael

Wyatt Michael is a jazz singer who originally started out performing in the rock band, Chasing Avenir. He fell in love with timeless jazz music and has never looked back. Check out his Instagram @wyattmichaelsings.


12. Carolina Alonso

Carolina Alonso sings in both Spanish and English. She studied at the University of Nevada, Reno, and loves posting covers on Instagram. Follow her on Instagram @itscarolinaalonso.


13. Kinsey Rose

Kinsey Rose is a Nashville country artist who has been trying out for talent competition shows for 15 years. After years of putting out music as an independent artist, Kinsey is hoping The Voice will be her big break. Keep up with Kinsey on Instagram @kinseyrose.


14. Wendy Moten

Wendy Moten is an experienced artist who has toured with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, and Vince Gill. Gill actually produced her nine-track country album. Follow her on Instagram @wendymoten.


15. The Joy Reunion 

The Joy Reunion is a country music trio consisting of Robert Easley, Gentry Monreal, and Neil Morrison. They began performing together at church and officially decided to form a band in 2017. Follow their journey @thejoyreunion.


16. Jeremy Rosado

Jeremy Rosado competed on Season 11 of American Idol. He advanced to the Top 13 and is now a worship leader. Check out his Instagram @iamjeremyrosado.


17. Brittany Bree

Brittany Bree is a mother with a very soulful voice. She often performs worship and gospel music. Follow her on Instagram @brittanybree_sings.


18. Jack Rogan

Jack Rogan is a singer from Rochester, New York. Check out some of his captivating song covers on his Instagram @jackroganmusic.


19. Holly Forbes 

Holly Forbes is featured in The Voice trailer performing “Rocket Man.” The singer from Kentucky is a mother to two children named Violet and Oliver. To top off her The Voice announcement, Holly also just got engaged. Follow her journey @hollyforbesmusic.


20. Ryleigh Plank

Ryleigh Plank grew up listening to artists like Prince and Michael Jackson. She is an alternative pop artist who is able to crossover into any genre. Follow her @musicbyryleigh.


21. Gymani

Gymani is an independent artist and a single mother of two girls. She is always gushing about motherhood over on her Instagram @iamgymani_.


22. Carson Peters

Carson Peters appeared at the CMA Awards alongside Brad Paisley in 2018 after performing on Little Big Shots. He has taken the stage with American Idol contestant EmiSunshine in the past. Follow him on Instagram @peterscarson_.


23. KCK3

KCK3 is an R&B trio of sisters from Mississippi. In 2019, they performed on Nickelodeon’s America’s Most Musical Family. Check out their Instagram @kck3music.


24. Jershika Maple

Jershika Maple is an artist celebrating the positive response to her summer single, “I Give.” She is a powerhouse vocalist based in Austin, Texas. Head over to Jershika’s Instagram @jershika_.


25. The Cunningham Sisters

Maci and Marie Cunningham form the duo, The Cunningham Sisters. The pair have been singing together for their entire lives and often perform at their church. Keep up with their The Voice journey @thecunninghamsisters.


26. Parker McKay

Parker McKay is a Nashville artist who has opened for Rascal Flatts, The Band Perry, and Sheryl Crow. She was named to CMT’s Artist Discovery Program in 2019. Keep up with Parker @heyparkermckay.


27. Samara Brown

Samara Brown is a singer from the Bronx who started singing when she was five years old. After working an essential job during the pandemic, Samara is ready to get her big break in music. Follow her on Instagram @samarabrownofficial.


28. Lana Scott

Lana Scott is a country and pop singer who was previously a showband vocalist for Carnival Cruise Line. She hopes to move and lift people with her music. Check out her Instagram @ameasureoflana.


29. Peedy Chavis

Peedy Chavis is a singer who performed at the 2020 Georgia Thespian Conference and was very involved in high school theater. He has posted a few song covers on YouTube. Follow him on Instagram @peedychavismusic.


30. Joshua Vacanti

Christian singer Joshua Vacanti has been singing since he was a kid. He performed at Palace Theatre and took inspiration from Carrie Underwood in his early career. Check out his Instagram @joshuavacanti.


31. Samuel Harness

Samuel Harness is a full-time touring musician and a full-time dad. The Louisiana-born singer has been performing on stages all over the U.S. for over a decade. Check him out on Instagram @samuel_harness.


32. Jim & Sasha Allen

Jim & Sasha Allen is a father and son duo from Newtown, Connecticut. Sasha is transgender and opened up in a post for Trans Day of Visibility in April. Follow this duo on Instagram @jimandsasha.


33. Tommy Edwards

Tommy Edwards is a singer from Nashville who moved to Montana. He is a father to two girls and performs as a full-time musician across the state. Follow him on Instagram @tommyedwards.


34. Xavier Trinity Cornell

Xavier Trinity Cornell announced in May that he will be attending Manhattan School of Music this fall. He posted a cover of American Idol star Francisco Martin’s song “Swollen” last year. Follow Xavier on Instagram @xaviertcornell.


35. Chavon Rodgers

Chavon Rodgers auditioned for American Idol in 2020. Though his audition did not air on television, he will be showcasing his angelic tone on The Voice Season 21. Follow him on Instagram @chavonrodgers.


36. Shadale Johnson

Shadale Johnson is an experienced singer and a mother who can tackle songs from multiple musical genres. She met rapper Ludacris in 2018. Follow her on Instagram @onlyshadale.


37. Berritt Haynes

Berritt Haynes is a singer and guitar player who has posted a couple of covers on YouTube. After playing gigs around Alabama, Berritt is hitting The Voice stage. Check out his covers @berritt.haynes.


38. Vaughn Mogul

Vaughn Mogul is a registered nurse with a love for traveling. In The Voice trailer, Vaughn talks about singing to his patients. Check out his Instagram @vaughn.mugol.


39. Katherine Ann Mohler

Katherine Ann Mohler competed on Season 11 of America’s Got Talent with the group OneVoice. She is tackling The Voice Season 21 solo and actually dressed up as Grande for Halloween in 2019. Follow along with her journey @kkmohler.


40. Tony Aaron

Tony Aaron is an experienced performer and a Minister of Music at Live River Baptist Church. He recently welcomed a son and shared his joy on Instagram. Follow him @tonyaaronmusic.


41. Sabrina Dias

Sabrina Dias is a singer who got engaged in April. She shares a daughter with her partner and posted an adorable singing video together. Follow Sabrina on Instagram @sabrinadiasmusic.


42. KJ Jennings

KJ Jennings is a jazz vocalist who studied at Berklee College of Music. The 22-year-old posts some fierce modeling shots over on her Instagram @kjofficial.


43. Hailey Mia

Hailey Mia is a dynamic vocalist who posted a cover of Kelly Clarkson’s emotional ballad, “Piece by Piece” in 2019. Follow her on Instagram @officialhaileymia.


44. Keilah Grace

Keilah Grace is a 15-year-old actor, singer, and model from New York. She just dropped an EP called 15. Check out her Instagram @keilahgraceofficial.


45. Sophia Bromberg

Sophia Bromberg has been singing since she was five years old along with playing the guitar and piano. She posted a cover of “Ocean Eyes” over on her website. Follow her on Instagram @sophiiabromberg.


46. Kaitlyn Velez

Kaitlyn Velez is a 21-year-old singer from New York. She has mastered the art of songwriting and helps others write songs by giving pointers online. Check out her Instagram @kaitlynvelez.


47. LiBianca

LiBianca is a passionate singer who has performed her original music on local stages. She has been taking a bit of a break from social media but you can follow her @iamlibianca.


48. Alexandra Stojack

Alexandra Stojack is a TikTok star with over 43,000 followers on the platform. Her cover of “Electric Love” garnered over 1 million views. Follow her @lexistojack.


49. Mando

Mando is a singer who often streams his music on Twitch. He recently announced he will be moving to Brazil to work on his album. Check out his content on Instagram @mando_music.


50. Katie Rae Mortimer

Katie Rae Mortimer is a wife and a mother who shares adorable pictures of her family on Instagram. In 2017, she posted about how she wanted to step out of her comfort zone and sing in front of people. Follow her @katie_rae333.


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