Who is the Gargoyle? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction & Clues!

Kyle Montplaisir
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Gargoyle on 'The Masked Singer'CR: Michael Becker/FOX ©2023 FOX Media LLC

It’s a bird, It’s a plane! It’s…The Masked Singer DC Superhero Night? We’ve got three new costumed performers taking the stage this week to earn their spot in the next round. But there’s some rock solid competition. And that includes one singer that’s made of rock themselves: the Gargoyle!

So who is the celebrity under the mask? And what clues point to them? Let’s get into it!

Gargoyle performing “One Call Away” by Charlie Puth on The Masked Singer DC Superheroes Night

Clues on The Masked Singer Season 9

The clues on DC Superhero Night started with Jenny shouting that he “looks like an athlete” as he walked out. Then he kicked off his clues saying when he was six, he “pretty much knew” he wanted to be a superhero. But while his peers all seemed to fly, he was “always stuck on the sidelines.” We see a jukebox in the camera frame that says “I <3 LA” on it.

His dad (depicted as one of the men in black in a “World’s Greatest Dad” shirt, sunglasses, and Maleficent horns) gave him a piece of advice: “Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something.” He’s then seen playing video games, which activates Gargoyle into action! When the call finally came, he “put [his] cape on and shocked millions” with how hard he slayed. Lightning covers the screen. We then see one of the men in black in a mustache holding up a bottle of hot sauce and another in a blonde braided wig taking a bite out of a taco then breathing flames. He “went from the guy they passed on to the guy they passed to,” he claims as one of the men in black chugs from a wattle bottle. Now “when the lights are blinding and the game’s on the line,” he always answers the call. One of the men in black hands him a “Masked Express Charge Card” with three money signs.


Two of the stars of Shazam came onto stage to give one more clue! Zachary Levi and Dame Helen Mirren said the clue was “RECORD MAKER!” Gargoyle explained, “I’m keen on making waves in the field, but being a part of history is the best bonus I could ask for.”

Popular Guesses for The Masked Singer Gargoyle

Robin connected the clues about LA, the credit card, and electricity and thought it might be one of the LA Chargers, specifically Antonio Gates. Ken predicted that the Gargoyle is the Weeknd, who makes records. But Jenny disagreed, guessing that it’s Odell Beckham Jr.

Fans online are mixed on whether they think Gargoyle is a singer or an athlete. Some have guessed Keenan Allen or Antonio Gates from the Chargers, while others have guessed Mario or Ne-Yo.


Who is the Gargoyle on The Masked Singer?

I liked where Robin went with the Chargers guess, which got me thinking. And after looking at the clues and videos of him singing, we finally got our prediction! We think the Gargoyle is…

Getty Images JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – JANUARY 14: Keenan Allen #13 of the Los Angeles Chargers reacts after a play against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the first half of the game in the AFC Wild Card playoff game at TIAA Bank Field on January 14, 2023 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

NFL Wide Receiver, Keenan Allen!

And while you might be surprised at how great his singing voice is, he’s actually shown it off before. Now, let’s go through the clues that lead to him!

There were plenty of clues that pointed to the Chargers, as Robin pointed out. We saw the credit card, electricity, and an I <3 LA bumper sticker. Gargoyle mentioned being “stuck on the sidelines” and in the 2013 NFL Draft, it was estimated that Keenan would be picked in the first round, but he ended up being drafted in the third round. He also struggled when he was initially in the NFL. But with help from his mentor Antonio Gates (which also explains the gate clue), he rose up and became a legend. His rookie season, he broke the franchise record for receptions and receiving yard by a rookie. This would justify the “Record Maker” clue too! When he mentioned he “shocked millions” with how hard he slayed, that could be a nod to him winning NFL Comeback Player of the Year in 2017.

The jukebox in the clues could be a nod to a classic football move called a juke, or the fact that he received the Jukebox ability on Madden 23. Madden also explains the video game clue. Hot sauce as a clue makes sense because he recently played Hot Ones’ Truth or Dab. Gargoyle mentioned being the “guy they passed to,” which checks out considering he’s a wide receiver. Finally, after the last clue, Gargoyle said he’s “keen on” something, literally pointing directly to his name.

Do you agree that the Gargoyle is Keenan Allen? Let us know in the comments and join us again next week for more predictions!

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