Who is the Medusa? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction & Clues!

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It only takes one look at the costumes on The Masked Singer season 9 to realize they have upped their game! Not only are theme nights and “king and queens” making their return, but the show has promised some real star power too. And no one displays these epic new costumes better than the Medusa. (Not to be confused with the Medusa on The Masked Singer in Spain, who was revealed to be The Spice Girls’ Mel B!)

But who is under THIS Medusa mask? Well we’d wager a bet that it isn’t Mel B, but let’s look at who it COULD be!

The Masked Singer Medusa performs “Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eilish

Clues on The Masked Singer Season 9

In Medusa’s clues, we learned a lot about the masked performer. She says she grew up far from the spotlight “a dancer in the dark” while dancing through ruins. Medusa is seen next to larger-than-life chess pieces, a bishop and a knight. She says she never fit in, but that’s not something she’s ever really worried about. One of the men in black reveals a heart tattoo on his chest that says “TRUE LOVE.”

Medusa did her own thing and ignored anyone who wanted her to conform. We see a framed picture of Buckingham Palace and a toy car placed on a scale. She claims that embracing her oddities has “taken [her] far.” We then see her in space dancing around busts. She mentions she’s gone “to the Super Bowl to this very stage,” explaining that technically she’s been here before. Medusa seems to pull energy from the sun while she closes by saying that this time, she’s here to compete.

In her swag bag clue, Medusa revealed a DVD case that said “$340 million sold” and “Snakes on the Astral Plane.” Medusa went on to say, “Sometimes success comes in the grayest of places.”


Popular Guesses for The Masked Singer Medusa

The judges were really stumped about who this could be. But they all agreed that she is a POWERHOUSE! Jenny predicted it’s Ellie Goulding. Ken first guessed Bjork, then said he thinks it’s Meghan Markle, which everyone disagreed with. Nicole threw out a few options for British singers, including Jessie J, Charli XCX, and Dua Lipa. Then, she lands on Lorde.

Online, viewers are really split about who Medusa could be. By far the most popular guess is Fergie from the Black-Eyed Peas. Other common predictions are Bishop Briggs, Lorde, and Zhavia.


Who is the Medusa on The Masked Singer?

Putting all the clues together with the voice, this was a tough one to decode. And we’re still not fully confident in our prediction! But we have to make a guess so we’re saying that Medusa is…

FilmMagic LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 08: Bishop Briggs attends the Environmental Media Association Awards Gala on October 08, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Bishop Briggs!

Too many of the clues just line up perfectly plus that voice is so recognizable and distinct! And if you’ve never seen Bishop Briggs perform live before, she has all the same energy as Medusa. Let’s get into how we settled on this prediction.

Medusa mentioned she “grew up far from the spotlight” and Bishop Briggs was born in London then moved to Tokyo when she was 4 and to Hong Kong when she was 10. The chess pieces she was seen next to in the clues were both huge clues! One was a bishop, a nod to her name, and the other was a knight/horse, which is a reference to her song “Wild Horses.” That song was also referenced when we saw a toy car and she mentioned the Super Bowl, because that song was featured in an Acura commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

Another one of her song titles was alluded to in the clues, the “TRUE LOVE” heart tattoo, which pointed to her song “Tattooed on My Heart.” The picture of Buckingham Palace makes sense because Bishop Briggs is British. And her saying she’s technically been to “this very stage” is because the Queen of Hearts sung her song, “River” in season 6. Lastly, the DVD case and her mention that success comes “in the grayest of places” makes sense, since shse had a song on the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack.

Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments and tune in next Wednesday to see if she’ll make it through ABBA Night!

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