‘The Masked Singer’ Lion, Rumer Willis, Reveals Secrets from Under the Mask

Kyle Montplaisir
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Last night, we saw the most shocking elimination on The Masked Singer yet! The Lion was unmasked, revealing her true identity, Rumer Willis. Today, Rumer took to Instagram to answer fans’ questions about what it was really like being under the Lion mask.

Her answers give an inside look at the show. Here’s what she had to say, including when we can expect new music from her!

First of all, a lot of people wanted to know about the costume and how heavy the mask was. Rumer responded, saying:

“It was about 12lbs so yeah super heavy…It was so hard [to move around and sing in the Lion costume]!! I couldn’t see anything below my eyes and it was so heavy!”

But to clarify, she said she didn’t get to keep the costume and mask, even though she wishes she could have that mask on her wall! When talking about her favorite performance from the show, Rumer said “Diamond Heart” by Lady Gaga.


Rumer was also asked what she would’ve sang in the Finale if she hadn’t been eliminated. Here’s what she said:

“My finals song was Total Eclipse of the Heart and I was really sad I didn’t get to do it cause the creative design for the performance was amazing!”

I’m honestly bummed we didn’t get to hear that either. I’m sure it was an incredible production! And again, mostly just shocked she didn’t make it that far. She’s been a standout singer since before the season even started. The Masked Singer used her performance to tease the whole show! And with that, the guessing game began.


Secrecy is obviously another difficult part of the show as well. When a fan asked if any of her family members or friends called her out before she was unmasked, she had to admit that it did happen!

“So many people asked and I felt so bad I had to lie to them”

We even wrote about her denying it at the Screen Actors Guild Awards a few weeks ago! Finally, Rumer was asked about new music. She first said she would love to release the songs from the show on Apple Music. And as far as an album?

“Hopefully by the end of the year!!”

So fans of the Lion, don’t fret! We’re sure Rumer isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Be on the lookout for new music from her soon.

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