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Who is Mother Nature? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction + Clues Decoded!

The Masked Singer Mother NatureMichael Becker/FOX

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We couldn’t be more excited about The Masked Singer being back for its sixth season and the season premiere is the perfect reminder of why! This show is so out there and extreme, we just can’t get enough. Take the Mother Nature mask for instance. While slightly terrifying and entirely confusing, she lit up the stage.

But we already know that Mother Nature will be unmasked in Episode 2. So who is under the mask? Here are all the clues, plus our prediction for the celebrity beneath.

The Masked Singer Mother Nature performs “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross


Clues on The Masked Singer Season 6

Mother Nature’s clues in the season premiere are giving us hints at who will be unmasked in the next episode. (Also, we have to mention that cliffhanger. Not cool!) She starts by saying she’s “done it all. As seasons changed, so did I.” One thing she’s never had a chance to do, though, is be a mother. She holds up a penny with the year 1972 on it, then makes a hummingbird appear in her hand.

Mother Nature talks about “family” and a framed photo of Wayne Brady is shown. But she’s “very protective” of the ones she loves. It begins to rain in the clues and there’s lightning all around. In the end, we see her holding a sparkler.

Popular Guesses for The Masked Singer Mother Nature

Nick Cannon claims he knows who Mother Nature is, but didn’t make his prediction public. Jeong guessed it might be Aisha Tyler or Tiffany Haddish. Scherzinger threw out Chelsea Handler as a guess, but McCarthy didn’t agree with her.

Thicke thought it was Tracee Ellis Ross, mentioning that she would sing her mom’s song. A lot of people online agree with the judges, that it could be Tiffany Haddish or Tracee Ellis Ross. Other popular guesses are Wanda Sykes, Vivica A. Fox, and Niecy Nash.

Who is Mother Nature on The Masked Singer?

This is another one that’s harder to track down the exact celebrity. There are a lot of potential guesses that make sense but we’re going with Mother Nature as…

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Vivica A. Fox!

There were a few clues that pointed in her direction that ultimately made us choose her as our prediction. Let’s get into those clues!

First of all, if Mother Nature is being honest about not being a mother in real life, that narrows down the options. Niecy Nash and Wanda Sykes both have children. But Tracee Ellis Ross, Tiffany Haddish, and Vivica A. Fox are all childless. What made us narrow in on Vivica A. Fox was the Wayne Brady clue. Wayne Brady won The Masked Singer as the Fox in season 2. The Fox connection just makes sense! Vivica A. Fox is also well-known for her role in the movie Independence Day, which would explain the sparkler/firework at the end.

While we don’t know the exact reason behind the penny with 1972 on it, and there is a connection there to Tracee Ellis Ross (since that’s the year she was born), Tracee Ellis Ross doesn’t have any real ties to Wayne Brady. I also don’t think they’d have her sing her mom’s song for her very first performance.

Do you agree with our prediction? Or are there any clues we missed? Watch The Masked Singer on Wednesday nights for more clues and don’t forget to tune in to The Recap Show for full episode breakdowns and new reveals each week!


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