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Who Is Miss Monster? ‘The Masked Singer’ Predictions and Clues Decoded!


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The Masked Singer season 3 kicked off with a new group of contestants after the Super Bowl. And one was familiar! Miss Monster is a female version of the Monster from season 1. And she’s got the same pipes her man has too! But who the celebrity is under the mask?

Here are the clues and predictions for Miss Monster so far!

Miss Monster performing “Something to Talk About” by Bonnie Raitt on The Masked Singer season 3 premiere

Clues On The Masked Singer

In her clues, Miss Monster says when people become famous, “people want you to look or act a certain way.” We see a can of hairspray and a key with a “FUN” tag written on it. She says she started off as “just a shy little monster.” She’s here to set the record straight. Miss Monster is seen opening her locker, #10, to pictures of the Monster from season 1. She says she admires him for rewriting his story.

Popular Guesses for Miss Monster

The panelists instantly knew this was an iconic singer under the mask. Ken Jeong guessed Dolly Parton, but the other panelists were skeptical. Jenny McCarthy guessed Mary J. Blige and Nicole Scherzinger made the most logical prediction with Dionne Warwick. Online, the most popular predictions are Chaka Khan, Tina Turner, Angie Stone, and Missy Elliott.

Our Prediction & Clues Decoded

In case the voice wasn’t distinct enough to prove our guess, we have to predict that Miss Monster…Chaka Khan!

Getty Images Our prediction for Miss Monster, Chaka Khan

Again, her voice here is the dead giveaway. Miss Monster HAS to be Chaka Khan! But the clues prove this theory too. First, we see a can of hairspray, which leads many detectives to believe it’s someone who appeared in Hairspray. While Chaka Khan never has, she does have her own line of wigs! She’s also well-known for her big hair. There was also a key with “FUNK” written on a tag, or a FUN-key. Get it? Well Chaka is known as the “Queen of Funk!” She is also seen using locker #10 and Chaka Khan has 10 Grammys. Throughout the clues, there were a ton of nods to her most popular songs. She says, “He made me FEEL” (I Feel For You), “It was FIRE” (Through the Fire), and “Will you still love me?” (Love Me Still). So just like that, we have this year’s seasoned pro!

Did we miss any clues? There will be plenty more when The Masked Singer airs again on Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX.

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