Is the Lion Lyin’? Rumer Willis Says “I Am Not” on ”The Masked Singer!’

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Since The Masked Singer first aired, viewers have been working tirelessly to decode each performer’s clues. But when it comes to the Lion, the most anticipated singer of the season, the guesses have been all over the place. One of the most popular though (and our prediction) is Rumer Willis. But recently, in an interview with People, Rumer denied being the Lion.

So is she lying or could the Lion be someone else? Let’s take a look!

Rumer Says “I Am Not” the Lion

In an interview at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night, Rumer Willis simply said “I am not” when asked if she is the Lion on The Masked Singer. Pretty convincing argument if you ask us! Rumer was at the awards for her role in Empire, another FOX show. She went on to say:

“All of a sudden when it started airing, I started getting all of these things in my Twitter feed and I said, ‘Oh, okay. Well maybe I have to watch this and see what’s happening.’ It’s pretty cool.”

But with all the clues pointing in her direction, it’s almost 100% certain she is the Lion. Obviously she can’t straight up say that, but we all know. Nice try, Rumer Willis!

Other Possible Masked Singer Leaks

This does bring up an interesting conundrum for the celebrities on the show though. When they’re doing press, the topic of conversation definitely comes up. It’s especially true when they’re one of the top guesses! We even saw it with Marie Osmond, who basically outed her brother as the Peacock on Access Hollywood. With all the shows pre-taped, it’s a secret they’ve all had to keep for quite some time.

There was another awkward moment when Joey Fatone appeared on the Rachael Ray Show. He is believed to be the Rabbit on The Masked Singer. Rachael brings it up, mentioning that people think she is the Raven. The difference? Rachael isn’t the Raven. Watch the clip to see for yourself:

Joey Fatone rides a fine line between acting too oblivious about the show and actually knowing everything about it here. And Rachael even calls him out on it, for the fact that he said he didn’t know who Donnie Darko is! Joey also defers attention to Jake Gyllanhaal and says he’d rather be a judge on the show than a contestant. He also fumbles where the show started out, which is an easy, known fact (South Korea).

Long story short, all of this only further confirms our suspicions about Rumer Willis being the Lion and Joey Fatone being the Rabbit. The evidence just proves it!


Kyle Montplaisir
Kyle Montplaisir

Kyle Montplaisir is a contributor and host at Talent Recap. He is the lead detective for the site on 'The Masked Singer' and an encyclopedia of knowledge on 'The Voice' and 'American Idol'. A graduate of Pepperdine University, Kyle is originally from Arizona, but now lives in Los Angeles. When he isn’t watching talent shows and game shows, Kyle loves eating dessert, singing karaoke, and spending time with his wife, Hannah, and dog, Stella

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