Maddie Poppe Announces New Album “Whirlwind” Coming Soon!

Maddie-Poppe-New-Album-WhirlwindKyle Montplaisir | Talent Recap

Last season’s American Idol winner Maddie Poppe just announced her new album! It will be released in only a matter of weeks. “Whirlwind” will drop on May 17th.

Maddie made the announcement on her Instagram:

In another post, Maddie says that she named the album “Whirlwind” because in the past year of her life, that’s a word she’s heard “very, very often.” She felt like it best described her album and her life right now. Maddie was also worried that people would think that she didn’t know who she was. By calling the album “Whirlwind,” she would be attributing that to herself before others would use it against her.

The album art was also featured in her Instagram post! It beautifully depicts things about Maddie like Iowa, California, a television, and plenty of flowers and rainbows. The art was done by an incredibly talented artist named Dylan Mead. He also painted this photo of Maddie’s duet with Kermit the Frog, which may have prompted the collaboration.

As far as what will be on the album, we can expect her newly released singles, including “Keep On Moving On,” “First Aid Kit,” “Little Things” and “Made You Miss.” Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess! Maddie has made it clear that she’s willing to be experimental with her music, but will stay true to who she is. She has mentioned in multiple interviews that she is happy with the direction her music has gone in since her American Idol win. Plus, she now has all the best production resources to make her songs sound better than ever! Considering her first album was recorded in her basement, this is a HUGE upgrade.

We are excited to hear all the new music Maddie has in store! “Whirlwind” hits the shelves and streaming services everywhere on Friday, May 17th.


Kyle Montplaisir
Kyle Montplaisir

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