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Kelly Clarkson Debuts Sensational Ballad ‘Mine’ in a Kellyoke Segment

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Pop superstar Kelly Clarkson has recently debuted her dazzling new ballad “Mine,” performing the same in her talk show’s Kellyoke segment. This track is an introduction to her latest music project Chemistry alongside “Me.”

Kelly Clarkson Releases Angst, Grief with New Single ‘Mine’

For the first time in Kellyoke history, Clarkson didn’t opt to create a rendition of a hit song and instead chose to perform one of her comeback singles. Tuesday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show has become a special day for her and her fans, since she sang her heart out to “Mine.” For those who may not know, “Mine” is an emotional ballad from her upcoming studio album.

“Go ahead and break my heart that’s fine / So unkind,” she sang.

The “Since U Been Gone” singer was backed by her band, Y’all, which took over the chorus while she was humming her ad-libs. At the end of her performance, the singer took the time to explain such creative endeavor to the audience.

“Many fans have been asking me for years about a new project, and I’ve been working on a new album. It’s just taken a minute,” she said. “That song that I just did is actually one of the first singles being released from the record.”

Clarkson released “Mine” along with another single “Me” which is also a part of her highly anticipated album Chemistry. Described to be the “whole arc of an entire relationship,” the American Idol winner promises that the collection will not only be about heartbreak but rather the complete process of a separation.


She Says She “Feels Great” Now

According to the “Breakaway” hitmaker, she need not detail the meaning of the song as it is already self-explanatory. Nonetheless, Clarkson holds that she invested so much feelings in the process of writing the song.

“It’s called ‘Mine’ and we don’t really need to explain it because, you know, the lyrics, they’re pretty self-evident. But I was feeling all the feelings when I wrote that one,” she said.

Clarkson then explained that “Mine” is really one of her best picks to initially release from the album. This single, as she said, exudes a “different vibe overall.” She supposed it was because its chorus was distinct compared to her previous songs.

“I was very excited about it — but obviously, it’s also just very angry and sad. But I let it out and I feel great now,” she said.

Chemistry is set to be released on June 23, 2023. Meanwhile, “Mine” and “Me” are already present in audio-streaming services.

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