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Keith Urban Thinks They’ve Found ‘The Voice’ With Blind Singer Julee-Anne Bell

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This season on The Voice AU, Julee-Anne Bell took to the stage in a quite literal, blind audition. The Queensland-based vocal coach inspired tears, goosebumps, and even led Keith Urban to declare they have found The Voice.

Bell is the head of her own music studio where she teaches an average of 50 students per year. The fact that she is totally blind has never hindered her teaching abilities. In fact, it has led her to be an inspiration on the show this season. Bell’s rendition of “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” from The Sound of Music left the judges speechless, labeling her a frontrunner in the competition going forward.

Julee-Anne Bell on The Voice AU

This season of The Voice AU has proved to have no shortage of noteworthy acts. Last week, 12-year-old Janaki Easwar blew the judges away with her stunning blind audition. Now, the panel was delivered another fierce headliner in the competition. Julee-Anne Bell commanded the stage in her The Voice AU audition. Her rendition of “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” from The Sound of Music inspired a four chair turn and standing ovation this season.


“If there had been a fifth chair, that would have turned around too,” Urban commented.

The coach called her performance “angelically beautiful” and boldly proclaimed that she is The Voice.

“I mean I have never met you guys before, so I should probably let you know that I actually can’t see, I can’t see you at all,” Bell revealed to the the crowd.

In a state of shock, coach Guy Sebastian questioned the talented singer on what it was like for her to step onto the stage as someone who could not see. Bell expressed that she was very nervous walking out on the long runway, but added that once the music started “it just felt like theater.”

Her astonishing vocals led to yet another special moment on this episode. Following her initial performance, Sebastian joined Bell on stage for a spontaneous duet of her audition song. Interestingly, Sebastian performed “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” while competing on Australian Idol in 2003. Many say his version of the song is what rendered him the win on the down-under series that year.

In the end, the vocalist chose Sebastian to be her mentor throughout her talent show journey. A perfectly fitting choice considering their bonding experience on stage.

Who is the Singer at Home?

Since 1994, Bell’s vocal studio has been a part of Brisbane’s Western suburbs. Starting out with only a few students in her inner suburban apartment, the Julee-Anne Bell Vocal Studio became a way for her to supplement family income, while also developing her teaching skills.


In 2007, the singer made the difficult choice to limit her performing in order to dedicate herself to teaching. This decision provided a consistent and stable learning environment in which her students could prosper. The studio is now thriving, as Bell averages around 50 students each year.

Post COVID-19, the trained professional has decided to take back the spotlight. Bell is now considered the one to watch according to Urban, and I can agree. It will definitely be interesting to see how she performs alongside all the other amazing talent this season.

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11 months ago

I have looked everywhere on line and I cannot find out where Julee Ann finished in this season. Does anyone know? It’s hard to believe she didn’t win.

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