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Janaki Easwar of ‘The Voice AU’ Labeled Likely Winner After Blind Audition

The Voice Australia

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The Voice AU crowd erupted into frenzy after a very special blind audition Monday evening. It seems like viewers have already crowned this season’s winner. Janaki Easwar sent shockwaves through the competition when she performed a beautiful rendition of “Lovely” by Billie Eilish. Her gorgeous vocals aren’t the only thing that left us all in shock. Easwar is just 12-years-old. Social media erupted in praise for the Melbourne native, after she turned all four chairs and earned a standing ovation from the coaches.

Janaki Easwar’s Stunning Blind Audition

On this season on The Voice AU, Janaki Easwar shocked the world with her stunning blind audition. At just 12-years-old, this vocalist had the audience and coaches on their feet. Her performance of Billie Eilish’s “Lovely” had us captivated, and managed to turn the chairs of all four coaches. The Twitter universe could not contain their excitement for the young superstar as well.

“Ladies and gentleman, WE ALREADY HAVE A WINNER. JANAKI MUST WIN THIS SHOW,” one fan commented.


Easwar took her place confidently on stage as she began to belt the hit song. Judge Rita Ora was the first to turn her chair. She sat in shock at the pre-teen maneuvered effortlessly through the song. Coaches Jessica Mauboy and Keith Urban followed soon after, leaving Guy Sebastian to turn his chair before the final few bars.

Sebastian was thoroughly impressed by her audition and inquired about Easwar’s Indian heritage. He asked if she had grown up listening to any Indian music before putting her on the spot. The coach then asked her to sing once again for the audience. Without hesitation, the young professional began to perform an a capella version of an Indian classic. Everyone listened in silence as her voice filled the room once more. She brought tears to coach Mauboy’s eyes as she earned a second standing ovation that evening.

Some Wonder if Janaki is Too Young to Compete

While Janaki is more than talented enough to be on the show, some are wondering if she is too young to compete on a show like this. Some fear that the added pressure of performing in the public eye would be detrimental to such a young girl.

“One half of me is like, oh she is super super duper young, and there is always something a little tricky there because it’s always so sensitive, but if you have the right guidance and protection, which you definitely will…and I are this funny little feeling that on top of you wanting to really represent who you are, that girl also wants to have a good time, you also want to have an amazing experience,” Ora said.

Fans on social media also expressed concerns for a pre-teen in a high-pressure competition.

“Wow I would not allow my 12-year-old daughter on a TV show where so many people are watching and can say anything they want,” one person tweeted.

Urban was quick to relate to the young singer, expressing that he has a 12-year-old daughter himself.

“I’ve got a 12-year-old daughter, so I understand that feeling of like, I want help but I don’t want someone to tell me what to do, I can definitely do that for you,” Urban said.

While I believe that he would offer her great guidance, Easwar ultimately chose Team Jess in the end. As they come from similar cultural backgrounds, she is sure to feel more at home in the duration of the competition.

If Janaki is making this much noise at just the blind audition stage, I can’t wait to see how she does throughout the competition. Maybe the fans were correct, and we have just come across this season’s winner.

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