Katy Perry Gets Candid With Howard Stern About Struggling With Suicidal Thoughts

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Katy Perry opened up in an interview with Howard Stern about how she used music to combat her depression for years before working on her new album “Smile.” She sought treatment for her suicidal thoughts and praised the one constant throughout her struggles which was having fiancé Orlando Bloom by her side through it all.

Katy Perry Spoke To Howard Stern About Struggles With Mental Health

While a lot of the interview was focused on how Katy mended her relationship with Taylor Swift, she opened up about how she has struggled in the past with depression. “It was more than I had ever faced in my life. I had bouts of depression before, but I had been able to avoid falling into the really dark depression by making music. It’s like all these things you do to distract, you eat, you work, you get a new boyfriend, you shop” she said about her past. In another candid party of the interview, the American Idol judge said she felt “so ashamed about being on medication because I was like…’I wrote Firework.’ But it was one of those things where I had sprained my brain a little bit.”


Katy remarked that a lot of her struggles with depression stemmed from her 2017 album “Witness” not doing well and that it did not meet her expectations. However, she said it got her “out of this loop of being a really desperate, thirsty pop star that felt like they had to be number one all the time. Now I feel like I can create and be more dimensional as an artist and also as a human being.” At one point, Katy attended a treatment center after experiencing suicidal thoughts and Orlando was there through it all. “I still test him, he still shows up, he still is not fazed by it,” she revealed. “And that is why he is perfect for me,” she said about her fiancé. She thanked him for supporting her throughout her battle with mental health struggles and overcoming depression.

Katy Also Spoke About Past Drama And How Easy Her Pregnancy Has Been

When their careers first started to take flight in the mid-2000s, Taylor Swift and Katy were photographed hanging out at a ton of award shows and public appearances. Something that caused friction between the pair was reportedly when a few dancers from Taylor’s tour jumped ship to join Katy’s tour in 2013.

The drama was ongoing for years and there were always questions about whether or not each artist was throwing shade and subliminal messages at each other in music videos and song lyrics. But, the pop queens have since reconciled especially after appearing together in Taylor’s video for “You Need To Calm Down.” Katy was dressed as a hamburger and Taylor was dressed as fries, the perfect food pairing to show that they were in fact, friends again. “What I’m so grateful for is we did get to make up publicly and got to be an example of redemption for young girls,” Katy told Howard about their reconciliation. Katy put all the drama behind her as she is ready to give birth any day now, as we got to see her belly bump grow this season on American Idol.


The American Idol judge said that she has had an easy pregnancy as she awaits the arrival of her baby girl. Katy cannot wait to meet her baby which she doesn’t know if it will happen before the release of her album “Smile” on August 14.


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