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Jonathan Goodwin Reflects on ‘AGT: Extreme’ Accident, Says “I Didn’t do Anything Wrong”

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The now retired escapologist and daredevil Jonathan Goodwin claims the tragic accident on America’s Got Talent: Extreme wasn’t his fault. Goodwin was involved in a failed stunt that left him with life-changing injuries and now insists he didn’t do anything wrong.

Goodwin Insists Near-Fatal Accident Wasn’t his Fault

The 42-year-old retired daredevil was set to perform a dangerously exciting act on AGT: Extreme last fall. Unfortunately, he never appeared on the series due to a terrible on-set injury. Due to the nature of his performance, his high risk stunts could go wrong at anytime.

Goodwin performed a stunt where he was suspended 30 feet in the air, wearing a straitjacket, between two suspended cars. Before he had a chance to escape, the cars released too early, crushing Goodwin between them as they caught on fire.

After going into recovery for several months, Goodwin has now recovered from most of his injuries. Although left paralyzed, He still remains upbeat on his update posts on social media. While answering questions about his AGT: Extreme experience, he responded to a curious fan’s question.

The fan asked, “What caused the accident? Improper set up or did you just f up?” Goodwin responded with a selfie pointing at himself and wrote “I didn’t do anything wrong.” He insisted that what happened was not due to him making a mistake, hinting that releasing the cars too early was the fault.

The cars being released too early is widely agreed upon as the main cause that the stunt went wrong. As one fan then pointed out that Goodwin was not given enough time to escape from the straitjacket.

Living in the Aftermath of the Event

Almost a full year after the event that permanently changed his life, Goodwin is getting comfortable with using a wheelchair. Now calling himself a ‘roll model,” he shares inspirational videos about positive thinking and dealing with challenges.

Amanda Abbington, Goodwin’s fiancé held back tears as she appeared with him on Lorraine in May. Goodwin explained that he had given Abbington a “Get Out of Jail Free card,” after his accident, but she insisted that she would always remain by her fiancé’s side.

Goodwin also touched on rough times during his Q&A on Instagram. Within the Instagram story post, he revealed how he keeps his head held high.

“Stay in the moment,” Goodwin said. “Try not to project the future or concern yourself with the past. Take every day, every hour, every minute as it comes. Ask for help if you need it.”

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