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Jenny McCarthy Calls ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 7 “Most Dramatic” Yet

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With the next season of The Masked Singer around the corner, Jenny McCarthy and Nick Cannon talked about the season on Cannon’s talk show. The co-stars talked up the upcoming season on the talk show. They shared that this might be the most wild season yet.

Another season of America’s favorite celebrity guessing game is once again returning to FOX this winter. On March 9, 15 new celebrities will take to the stage disguised as animals. The celebrity panel is given the task of identifying who is behind the mask. Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and McCarthy are returning to the panel this season.

History Will Be Made on The Masked Singer Season 7

Each season of the celebrity guessing game is different from the rest, but the co-stars talked this one up. Cannon called season seven the most wild season of The Masked Singer. McCarthy agreed, saying that history will be made with this season.

“This is the most dramatic season of Masked Singer ever and I know when we promote the show we’re always honest to say this is going to be the most exciting,” McCarthy said. “This hands down might go down in history, even if we do 50 other shows, this will always be the most dramatic, craziest, heads roll off literally. It’s a must tune in.”


This guessing game has seen some huge names in Hollywood like Donny Osmond, Bob Saget, and more, I can’t wait to see who will be unmasked on the upcoming season. FOX has revealed all 15 costumes to the public at this time. This season differs from those in the past because it contains three groups, instead of two groups and wildcards. Celebrities are categorized into the good, bad, and cuddly groups in the season.

Prior to the release of the season, The Masked Singer received harsh criticism after it leaked that politician Rudy Giuliani was unmasked. Aside from Giuliani’s involvement, many fans have shared their disappointment in the costuming.

Jenny McCarthy Was Cheering Nicole Scherzinger on Last Season

On top of the guessing game, the panel plays a game of their own. Each time they guess the identity of a celebrity correct they gather a point. At the end of the season, each panelist adds their points together. The panelist with the most points wins the season’s Golden Ear Trophy.

Since the debut of the trophy in season four, McCarthy has won it twice. McCarthy’s winning streak was broken last season by Scherzinger.

“Nicole last year was like I’m coming for you McCarthy I’m coming and she was so determined that I was like you know what? I’m rooting for you,” McCarthy said. “I’m really competitive, growing up in sports I always wanted to be the MVP but Nicole was determined to come and get me and I’m so proud it was her. If it was like Ken or Robin I wouldn’t have been as excited nearly.”

While discussing the history of the series Cannon brought up Cluedle-Doo from the fifth season of the series. Cluedle-Doo was a masked celebrity that gave out extra hints for the panelists. The panelists guessed that Cluedle-Doo was either Jamie Foxx or Kevin James. No one expected it to be McCarthy’s husband, Donnie Wahlberg!

Will Fans See Miss. Masky in The Upcoming Season?

McCarthy claims that the panelists hear a different audio in person, which is why she didn’t know her husband was behind the mask. The actress joked and said she totally believed him when he said he was in New York.

Last season, fans of The Masked Singer saw a similar character to Cluedle-Doo in some episodes. In season six The Masked Singer introduced the animated character, Miss Masky. The character worked in the same way as Cluedle-Doo, except they are an animation and have a social media profile of their own. Miss Masky has shared content from season seven on her Instagram, so I think it’s safe to say she’ll return this season.

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