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‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals First Clues for Season 7 Celebrities

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With a new season right around the corner, The Masked Singer shared previews of the upcoming costumes for season seven. The seventh season of the longrunning series features the theme of the good the bad and the cuddly. The Masked Singer season seven premieres on March 9 at 8/7c on FOX.

The Masked Singer has finally revealed more costumes after Baby Mammoth and Ram on Instagram. Since Sunday night’s primetime preview at season seven, the series has shared each costumes first clues to Twitter so everyone can begin formulating their first guesses.

1. The “Cuddly” Space Bunny Costume

Out of the bunch, Space Bunny was the first to be shared following the Ram. This bunny costume is featured wearing an astronaut suit and has been labeled as apart of the cuddly category. The clue for this cuddly bunny is the state of North Carolina. It’s possible the celebrity grew up, or currently lives in the state.

2. The “Bad” Cyclops Costume

This costume was defintely the most hinted at of the bunch. I feel like all of the previews feature Cyclops, so it’s only fitting that the costume has been revealed. The clue for this celebrity is a pirate map, so many think this character could have played a pirate in a previous role.

On top of fans pirate guesses, some automatically think Rudy Giuliani could be behind this mask. Their speculation is due to the fact that Cyclops has been the face of the “Bad” category.

3. The “Good” Firefly Costume

Fans think it’s obvious that Firefly is a legendary diva based off of her preview pose and the fact that her clue is a tiara. This costume was featured in one of the first looks at the upcoming season. Within the first look, Firefly’s costume had more green accidents. Many fans believe that this costume looks more like a bee than a firefly.

4. The “Bad” Queen Cobra Costume

This is a costume was totally made for a queen. Just like Firefly fans are guessing that someone of icon status will be revealed behind this mask. The clue for this costume is a superhero. Fans are speculating that this celebrity either has played a role of someone who loves superheros, or has acted as one themself.

5. The “Good” McTerrier Costume

Another dog has been added to The Masked Singer family. Last season, we saw the dalmation football player revealed as Tyga in the first reveal. Fans are hoping that McTerrier stays in the competition longer than his dalmation predecessor. The clue for this celebrity is a blue electric guitar with a United Kingdom flag on it.

6. The “Cuddly” Lemur Costume

This costume looks like it came right out of the Madagascar franchise animated movies. Fans are hoping to see this costume perform “I Like to Move It” by Erick Morillo and Sacha Baron Cohen. It’s only fitting considering they look like they came straight out of the animated film. Lemurs first clue is a ring light, so it’s possible this celebrity is a TikTok or YouTube star.

7. The “Cuddly” Thingamabob Costume

I’m shocked that this costume is in the category of “cuddly” and not “bad” alongside Cyclops. Although it’s furry and in a shiny outfit, the face of this costume is defintely not giving off cuddly vibes to me. The clue for this celebrity is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, so maybe this celebrity has worked with him in the past.

8. The “Good” Prince Mask

The Prince mask is giving major Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vibes with it’s first clue of a jersey. While there are plenty of obvious celebrities that could be behind the mask, like Will Smith or Stephen Curry, fans think this might be Justin Timberlake.

9. The “Bad” Ram Costume

Since the premiere of this costume, fans have thought that there’s a “fighter” behind the mask. The Ram features a gold armour-like suit fit for a knight. The first clue for this celebrity is a football helmet with the number six on it. Even though the obvious answer would be number six on the Los Angeles Rams, fans have pointed out that the series filmed while the team was still playing.

10. The “Cuddly” Baby Mammoth

The Baby Mammoth is another costume that had been previously seen before the series preview. Even though clues hadn’t been given, Hulu’s caption of the post shared an unlikely clue of “Mammoth is baby,” this might make sense in the future, or could just be based off of the cuddly appearance. On Feb 20, the series shared that Baby Mammoth’s first clue is a pair of ruby red slippers, like seen in The Wizard of Oz.

11. The “Bad” Jack in The Box

Jack in The Box reminds me a lot of season six’s costume, Jester. Both are equally as terrifying and bound to keep me up at night. The series has not shared a clue for the masked celebrity yet.

12. The “Good” Ringmaster

While other costumes have been met with fan criticism, this one differed. Fans shared their excitement for Ringmaster since they’re hoping the circus theme has something to do with Britney Spears or The Greatest Showman. The show has not released any clues about the celebrity behind this costume.

13. The “Cuddly” Miss Teddy

Out of all of the costumes, Miss Teddy takes the cake as the cutest and most cuddly. The moment Miss Teddy was revealed by the series, fans knew she had to be apart of the cuddly category. The Masked Singer has not shared any clues related to the celebrity behind this mask.

14. The “Bad” Hydra

Hydra is The Masked Singer‘s first three-headed dragon. This costume is definitely the most epic of them all. It features three legs, three heads, and three sets of different colored eyes. This costume is what nightmares are made from. At this time, there has been no official announcement or clues released regarding Hydra.

15. The “Good” Armadillo

The last costume for the upcoming season of The Masked Singer is Armadillo. The costume is similar to Ram in being golden and armour-like. Fans are hoping to see the judging panel guess that David Schwimmer is behind the costume because of his Armadillo scene in Friends. There has been no official announcement or clues regarding Armadillo at this time.

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