The Top 10 Best Acts We’ve Ever Seen on ‘Go-Big Show’

Jill O'Rourke
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Go-Big Show is currently in its second season on TBS, and we’ve seen some of the best acts on any talent show grace the stage. The series showcases unique and intense talents who might be overlooked on other shows. Let’s take a look at some of the best of the best from two seasons.

1. Tomas Garcilazo, Season 1 Winner

The judges were mesmerized by this rope artist and horseman in Season 1. When he brought his son out to perform with him, they were moved. Tomas ended up winning the first season, proving that passion and emotion can beat even the most dangerous and over-the-top acts.

2. Kurtis Downs

This freestyle BMX performer lost his spot in the Finals of Season 1 to Tomas Garcilazo, but he was chosen to return as a wildcard. One of this most memorable performances was in the Semifinals, when he rolled down a huge ramp in a whiskey barrel. The judges went wild for the move.

3. Andrew Stanton

We’ve seen quite a few performers on Go-Big Show who love to test the limits of the human body. And perhaps nobody embodied that more than this sideshow performer who made it to the Finals with his extreme act. In his final performance, Andrew pulled a car with his eye sockets while all four judges were riding in it.

4. Tulga

This strongman made it to the Season 1 Finals with seemingly superhuman abilities. In one performance, he held a 100-pound flaming log with his teeth, while hanging upside down from the ceiling. Tulga also lifted three of the judges at once — Cody Rhodes on one side, and Rosario Dawson and Jennifer Nettles on the other.

5. Orissa Kelly

She may not have made it to the Finals, but Orissa Kelly definitely made an impression during her time on the show. In her Semifinals performance, Orissa shot a flaming arrow with her feet while her legs were literally on fire. She hit the target and was quickly sprayed with a fire extinguisher.


6. Manu Lataste

This leaping bullfighter was the first act to make it to the Finals of Season 2. Manu takes an already dangerous skill and makes it even more dangerous by jumping over charging bulls. In his Semifinals performance, he stepped it up by tying his legs together.

7. James Carter

The second act to make it to the Season 2 finale is this Motocross rider who defies gravity with his performances. In his Semifinals performance, James flew through the air at an incredible height while doing a one-handed handstand on his bike. The judges were blown away.

8. Annaliese Nock

This performer, nicknamed the Daredaughter, had one of the most heartwarming performances of the series when she invited her father, fellow daredevil Bello Nock, to perform with her. They both swung back and forth at the tops of long poles, and they actually switched places. The performance brought Rhodes to tears.

9. Tori Boggs

Tori takes jump roping to a totally new place. In her audition, she jumped rope on top of a giant piano, letting her feet play a song. To make things even wilder, she returned in the Semifinals to Double Dutch with flaming ropes. The performance inspired judge T-Pain to show off his own moves.

10. Lina Liu

This is one of the most unique and captivating acts we’ve seen on the show so far. Lina, who is known in China as the “Umbrella Queen,” balanced several umbrellas on her hands and feet, spinning them and stacking them effortlessly. Judge Jennifer Nettles compared her to a butterfly.

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