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Jimmy Kimmel Slams Fox for Casting Rudy Giuliani on ‘The Masked Singer’

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The Masked Singer has one of the most top secret television sets when it comes to production. The nature of the series forces cast, crew, and audience members to stay quiet about who unmasked celebrities are before the series airs. On February 3, it was leaked that Rudy Giuliani was unmasked during the filming of season seven, causing fans and celebrities alike to speak out against the show.

Following the unmasking of Giuliani, two out of four panelists reportedly left the set in protest. Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger remained in their seats and made small talk with the politician. Since this major detail of the upcoming season leaked, fans have been quick to give FOX harsh criticism.

People were outraged to find out that FOX greenlit a political figure like Giuliani to be on the show, especially while he is under investigation for his role in the January 6th insurrection. Jimmy Kimmel is one of the celebrities giving harshest criticism to the series. He began Jimmy Kimmel Live! slamming The Masked Singer, calling it garbage.

Kimmel was obviously enraged by the decision to include Giuliani. He explained exactly what was reported to have taken place on set, joking that the only people who should be unmasking Giuliani is the gang from Scooby-Doo.

“How does this even happen? I mean a lot of people at FOX had to sign off on this, not one of them was like hey maybe we shouldn’t have the guy who was under investigation for helping to plot an insurrection singing on our show?” Kimmel said.


In a parody format, Kimmel continued to slam The Masked Singer, joking that they had celebrities like OJ Simpson, Kim Jong Un, and Harvey Weinstein in the past.

The Talk Show Host Questions if Giuliani Thinks The Masked Singer Will Fix His Reputation

Mid-speech Kimmel questions what the take away for Giuliani was in this instance. The talk show host questioned why he needed to be on The Masked Singer considering he’s known nationally for an array of different things.

“Did he think he was going to The Masked Singer landscaping company? Only Rudy Giuliani would try to overthrow the government… Then try to rehabilitate his image by singing ‘Shake Your Groove Thing’ shaped as a pineapple,” Kimmel said. “FOX network really should be ashamed of themselves.”

The talk show host joked that after this episode of The Masked Singer there should be a series afterwards called The Masked Executive. The series afterward would reveal who made this decision. He insinuated that he wanted the executive that greenlit this idea to be fired.

After his jokes about the series as a whole, he explained why people should be upset over Giuliani’s appearance. It’s been reported that Giuliani was helping Trump with a plan to overthrow the electoral college. This plan involves replacing the democratic members with people who would vote for Trump. Even though many think that this issue is over, Kimmel urged viewers to remember that there are people running for local offices who are apart of said plan.

Many fans of the late night talk show host have shared that they agree with his statements. Plenty of late night hosts have gone public to share their disapproval of Giuliani on the series. At this time, neither The Masked Singer or FOX have commented. Instead, they are holding true to their statement expressing that they will not acknowledge leaks or spoilers.

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