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Jason Derulo Sued for Allegedly Signing Hopeful Singer, Expecting Sexual Favors in Return

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Aspiring singer, Emaza Gibson, is currently suing Jason Derulo for “sexual harassment, intimidation and violence, illegal retaliatory termination, and breach of contract, among other things” in the state of California. This lawsuit was filed against the artist on Thursday, October 5. Here’s everything to know about the current case.

Emaza Gibson Sues Jason Derulo For Alleged “Sexual Harassment, Intimidation, Violence, Illegal Retaliatory Termination, Breach of Contract”

According to the new lawsuit, Jason Derulo reportedly subjected Emaza Gibson to despicable sexual harassment. The official press release states that Derulo “repeatedly” told the singer that “drinking and having sex with him would be the only way to succeed.”

In August 2021, Derulo allegedly signed the singer to his record label, promising multiple albums, but not without a toll. Gibson alleges that Derulo “subjected her to threats of violence and unwanted and illegal sexual harassment, pressuring her to drink and have sex with him before eventually firing her for rebuffing his advances.”

In return, when Gibson rejected his advances, Derulo then “canceled her contract and fired her in retaliation.” It was also reported that Gibson was discussing his “illegal and threatening behavior,” which also led Gibson’s termination.

The complaint was filed in Los Angeles against Derulo, his manager Frank Harris, Atlantic Recording Corporation, Future History, Inc., and Radio Corporation of America (RCA Records). The press release clarifies that Derulo is a co-founder and principal of Future and a supervising agent at Atlantic. Future is a joint venture between RCA, Derulo and Harris.

“Mr. Derulo’s behavior toward this young artist was despicable, and, unfortunately, another example of the music industry’s dark underbelly. He not only broke promises and breached contracts, but his threats of physical harm and unconscionable sexual advances toward this young woman who is just trying to break into the industry were outrageous and illegal,” said plaintiff’s attorney Ron Zambrano.

Gibson Worked Closely With Derulo With The Record Label

Alongside this lawsuit, it was released that Gibson was contacted by Derulo in August 2021. He asked her to sign a joint venture between Atlantic and Future History Inc. In turn, for this to happen, he allegedly had to sign a new artist for Atlantic.

Gibson, as an aspiring artist, was “eager” to accept. Since she had dreamed of making music a full time gig, she signed both agreement with Derulo, Atlantic, and Future. The singer then began working with Derulo in November 2021 to create her first album. Derulo acted as her mentor, supervisor, and agent for both Atlantic and Future.

“While recording music, DERULO informed Plaintiff that if she wanted to be successful in the ‘this business’ (aka, the music industry), Plaintiff would be required to partake in ‘goat skin and fish scales,’ which is a Haitian reference referring to conducting sex rituals, sacrificing a goat, goat blood and doing cocaine,'” according to the lawsuit. “The manner and timing of such a statement meant that DERULO was demanding sexual acts from Plaintiff in order for DERULO to fulfill his role as her mentor, supervisor and musical collaborator. This explicit demand for sex-in-exchange-for-success was reinforced through DERULO’s subsequent behavior.”

The two often communicated via text messages to plan recording sessions. Reportedly, Derulo would often invite the singer to drinks and dinner. She repeatedly declined, because she wanted “to keep the relationship professional.” She also explained that she doesn’t drink. Derulo continued to persist, even after Gibson declined.

Atlantic Made Gibson Aware of Termination in September 2022

In November 2021, they had a meeting in New York City with Atlantic, to discuss music. At the meeting, Gibson met another female artist that Derulo had invited. According to the female, she was there because he was “trying to have sex with her.”

Gibson later explained that she was uncomfortable with another “artist being present for what was intended to be solely focused on her music.”

“DERULO immediately lost control and began aggressively hitting his arm rests screaming, ‘What does she have to do with you!? We weren’t going to tell you anything! We don’t have to tell you anything!'” the complaint states. “Being trapped and afraid in the back of the car with an irate DERULO, Plaintiff merely stayed quiet during the rest of the car ride, mortified of what DERULO would do next.”

Gibson then insisted that her mother, and manager must be present for any future meetings or recording sessions. This was “out of concern for her own safety.” Derulo then began ignoring Gibson’s text messages.

On a June 2, 2022 studio session, Derulo allegedly snapped at her and ignored her questions. About a week later, the pair planned another session. Due to traffic, Gibson and her mother were an hour late.

“When Plaintiff arrived at the recording studio, DERULO immediately charged at Plaintiff … yelling within inches of Plaintiff’s face, lunged at her causing her to step back and clutched her chest to brace herself for DERULO to physically assault her,” the lawsuit alleges.

Gibson brought these complaints to Derulo’s manager. Harris reportedly told Gibson that Derulo “had every right to yell and become angry and aggressive.” From there, Derulo refused to schedule studio time.

On September 6, 2022, Gibson’s employment was terminated. Gibson then attempted to take her case to Atlantic. Allegedly the company never addressed “Derulo’s sexually, emotionally and physically inappropriate behavior.”

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