Japanese Yoyo Duo Perform Hilarious Life Hacks On ‘Asia’s Got Talent’

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Japanese yoyo duo Boyon Boyon proved that sometimes the best talent show acts are all about having fun. They showed off some life hacks in a super funny way during their 2019 Asia’s Got Talent audition. Plus, they fulfilled their dream of receiving a standing ovation.

Boyon Boyon Made The ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ Judges Laugh

The second Boyon Boyon hit the stage, their energy and positive vibes made everyone smile. “How are you guys today?” judge Jay Park asked. “We are Boyon Boyon from Japan” they responded. “That wasn’t the question but ok” Jay joked.

Boyon Boyon was then asked about how they discovered their talent. “We are very lazy so we found an easier way to do housework,” they said. They made it known that it has always been their dream to perform on the Asia’s Got Talent stage and to get a standing ovation.


They started off the routine in a fighting stance. Music began playing and they encouraged the audience to start clapping. One of the men stood by an easel with cards on it. Each card had a specific task written on it. The first one said “glasses.” He perched a pair of glasses on his face. The other man did a bunch of tricks with a yoyo before using the yoyo to correctly place the glasses on the man’s face.

The next card said “laundry.” One man held a hanger with a bunch of bandanas hanging off of it. The other man used the yoyo to snatch up all of the bandanas into one pile. The next card said “breaking a board.” The man with the yoyo broke a wooden board in half. The last trick was “pulling a tablecloth.” One man held a small cloth underneath a full glass of wine. The man with the yoyo managed to swipe the tablecloth off without spilling the wine.

The audience gave Boyon Boyon a standing ovation just like they dreamed about. They were voted through to the next round but were not selected to perform in the Semifinals.

Where Are They Now?

Asia’s Got Talent is not the only talent show that Boyon Boyon has been on. In April 2020, they performed their act on iUmor! in Romania.

They also previously competed on Tú Sí Que Vales and continue to impress the world with their humor.

Boyon Boyon now makes TikTok videos showing off some of their hilarious yoyo tricks and making everyone laugh. They also have their own Youtube channel where they do tons of live streams and talk about everything you have ever wanted to know about mastering the yoyo.

If you loved seeing Boyon Boyon’s hilarious audition, then you will enjoy the compilation below. It features 10 of the funniest acts ever!


What did you think of Boyon Boyon’s funny Asia’s Got Talent audition?


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Samantha Agate

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