‘Idol’ Contestant Gives Birth While Competing on The Show— Gives Up Baby For Adoption

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Katy Perry isn’t the only one with baby news on American Idol. In last night’s episode, we saw contestant Amber Fiedler move on to the next round. Something was different about her though. She was no longer pregnant like she was in her audition. She gave birth to her baby three weeks before Hollywood Week.

Amber Fiedler Placed Baby For Adoption Before Hollywood Week

In her audition, Fiedler was 9 months pregnant. When Katy Perry asked her what she was going to name the baby, Fiedler announced that she was placing her baby up for adoption. She felt like she was not ready to be a mom and take on the financial responsibility of taking care of a child if she cannot take care of herself.

The judges commended her for her difficult and brave decision. She mentioned that it is going to be an open adoption so she will still be able to see the baby.

She Was Still Emotional After Giving Birth and During American Idol

In Hollywood, Fiedler recollected how she felt good after giving birth and how positive it was to see her baby being held by her adoptive mother. The baby, Nora Rose, was given the middle name to pay homage to Fiedler’s red hair.


Fiedler’s emotional performance of “Rise Up” by Andra Day on the Hollywood stage received a standing ovation from Perry who was a big supporter of Fiedler since the beginning. Perry’s maternal instincts are definitely already kicking in.

Fiedler Posted An Emotional Instagram Tribute


Fiedler expressed her gratitude to those that have been supporting her and following her story. She posted a lengthy post on Instagram with several pictures that have documented her pregnancy and ‘Idol’ journey thus far. She even included pictures of her baby in the hospital. In her caption, she noted that having Nora has saved her from spiraling down the wrong path. She wants to do something positive with her life and the platform of American Idol is a great start.


Fans have been extremely supportive of Fiedler as she moved onto the next round of Hollywood Week. One comment read “You are an inspiration to many. What a precious gift.” Fellow ‘Idol’ contestant Makayla Philips commented heart eye emojis on the post. Both Fiedler and Philips moved on to the next round of the competition and it seems like there may be some curveballs thrown at them in next week’s episode.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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