I Went To ‘X Factor Celebrity’ Live Shows To See If What We See On TV is REAL

Pablo Urdiales Antelo
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VIP experience at X Factorfox/Instagram

‘X Factor: Celebrity’ hit our screens for the very first time this year. In hope to find out more about the brand new series, I visited the X Factor studios to watch the show from the VIP green room! Here’s the rundown of the whole experience.

The VIP green room

The green room is a separate part of the studio for family and friends to watch the show. Contestants also wait here before performing. I had the opportunity to watch the show from the green room as the show was broadcasted live! I also managed to meet and chat with all the contestants as they geared up for the semi-finals.


Here are a few of the selfies I took during the night! Swipe for more.

Speaking to the X Factor contestants

It was quite the shock to meet all the show’s contestants, especially as I’ve been watching them on my television for the last few weeks!

I spoke to Sofia and Wendi from V5 before the show about flying across the world to do the show and whether being in the bottom two scared them. They seemed more than confident that they have a shot and are very excited about seeing their family again when they fly over for the final. All three of us ended our conversation in a little Spanish, we’re all from Spanish speaking countries, so that was cool!

I also had the chance to speak to Levi from Try Star. I asked him how playing rugby in huge stadiums compared to the show. He assured me that it felt the same and he’s lost all nerves in performing in front of crowds. Although Try Star have left the competition, Levi mentioned that he’d love to continue singing with the guys.

Martin Bashir also joined the contestants in the green room, yes… you heard that right! I mentioned that I was writing an article about the whole event and he said he was keen to read it. Although the news broadcaster has left the competition, we can tell you now, he’s still a strong member of the X Factor family!


X-Factor LIVE semi – final!

Not only did I meet all the contestants, but I also met previous contestants on other shows such as BGT! Once 7:40 pm came around, the crew had us in our positions as the semi final kicked off. We were all more than aware that we’d end up on the show, so I used the opportunity to my advantage to practise my dance skills. If you watched the show closely, I stood in-between V5 during the performances!


It was so much fun watching X Factor Celebrity with all the famous faces of the show and just above the very location it was all happening. I didn’t quite process until after that the show that what we were all watching on the screen was all happening just metres away from us all.

Want to watch more behind the scenes from my visit to the X Factor studios? Visit the Talent Recap Instagram page and click on the X Factor highlight! Follow us too!!

The X Factor: Celebrity airs on AXS TV Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. 

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