Howie Mandel’s Tips For Coronavirus Might Actually Work — Or Not

Jill O'Rourke
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Filming for AGT Season 15 has begun, and Howie Mandel has the coronavirus on his mind. The judge posted on Instagram about how he’s dealing with the issue. Of course, being a famous germaphobe, his approach is a little extreme.

Check out the funny pictures below, and learn why at least one of Howie’s habits might be a good idea now that we’re trying to prevent the spread of illness.

Howie Mandel’s Coronavirus Tips

Over the weekend, Howie posted a photo of himself talking to someone covered from head to toe, with glasses on over the fabric. He joked that it was his wife Terry’s “new lingerie.” Hilariously, Howie’s daughter Jackelyn Shultz commented wondering if that was really her mom. Howie didn’t answer, so we may never know.


Later, Howie shared a photo of people in hazmat suits wheeling someone into an ambulance on a bubble stretcher. He captioned it, “Me heading to work.” One fan joked that Howie would probably hit the red buzzer whenever a contestant coughs.

Howie’s daughter Jackelyn also posted a funny photo of her dad’s preparation for the outbreak. “They ran out of face masks and gloves but I got one roll of toilet paper and a helmet,” he apparently said.

Jackelyn wrote, “My dad is definitely prepared but I don’t know exactly what for.” Howie isn’t alone in his fear of the coronavirus — fellow judge Simon Cowell recently said he’s afraid his son will get it.

Howie Isn’t Exhaling

There is no secret that Howie Mandel is a germophobe but he has definitely taken it to the next level in a recent interview.

“I don’t shake hands and now I’ve taken it to another level: I don’t inhale. I am not inhaling,” Mandel told Entertainment Tonight in Los Angeles this week of the strain known worldwide as COVID-19. “Everybody’s watching, everybody’s aware. Welcome to Howie’s world.”

The funnyman and producing executive said his job judging the acts on “AGT” is easy enough to do without breathing in heavily, adding that he “doesn’t need to inhale to judge.”

“I can judge with a big exhale,” he quipped. “Like, ‘Woo! You were fantastic.'”

Howie’s Fist Bump Technique Is A Good Idea

Howie Mandel famously prefers to fist-bump people instead of shaking their hand, because of his fear of germs. As it turns out, he may have been on to something all these years.


Last week, Howie posted a screenshot of an article on his Instagram from CTV News. The headline? “Howie Mandel had it right with the fist bump.” Some authorities are now saying a fist bump is a safer greeting than shaking hands to prevent the spread of illness.

Since there is a worldwide shortage of facemask, we can also take a trip down memory lane and us what we learnt from Howie’s interview with Ellen. The emergency bra that can be used as a facemask and we’ll take anything we can get now.

With more than 500 cases of coronavirus in the United States being reported so far, it’s probably not a bad idea to take Howie’s advice. “You’re welcome,” he wrote in the post.

Also for somebody who is such a germaphobe, this post is just all the more heartfelt on International Women’s Day. Only a true devotee would bend down to kiss a woman’s feet knowing how dangerous it can be at this time.

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