Fans Blast Howie Mandel Over Controversial ‘AGT Champions’ Elimination

Jill O'Rourke
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The first episode of AGT: The Champions ended with some controversy Monday night. It had to do with the Judges’ Choice for which act should move on to the semifinals.

Watch Junior Creative’s emotional performance on “AGT: The Champions.”

As part of the new format, the judges were able to vote for one act out of three to move through. Many fans on Twitter disagree with the choice the judges made this time, and they weren’t afraid to share their opinions.

Junior Creative Leaves ‘AGT: Champions’

The Judges’ Choice came down to three acts — shadow dance group Junior Creative (winners of Myanmar’s Got Talent), singer Jack Vidgen (Australia’s Got Talent winner), and accordion player Hans (former AGT contestant).


Heidi Klum voted for Hans, Alesha Dixon voted for Junior Creative, and Simon Cowell voted for Jack Vidgen. That left the tie-breaker to Howie Mandel, who chose Hans to move on.

Many fans disagreed with this decision, believing that Junior Creative’s emotional performance was more deserving of a place in the semifinals. The routine told a moving story of a family torn apart by war.

Twitter Fans Blast The Judges’ Decision

Junior Creative tweeted a positive response to their elimination on Tuesday morning. They wrote that they “will not stop here,” adding, “This begins the next chapter of our journey!”


However, many viewers were shocked and disappointed that Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum would choose Hans over Junior Creative. They expressed their outrage on Twitter, questioning why the group’s powerful storytelling wasn’t worthy of a spot in the semifinals.

Fans outraged after AGT: Champions last night

Because AGT: The Champions is prerecorded, viewers at home don’t get to vote on who to send through. The “superfans” chosen to represent America didn’t vote Hans or Junior Creative through — they chose Duo Transcend and Dania Diaz.

YouTube fans were furious at Myanmar’s Junior Creative Elimination

One of the commentators elaborated on Junior Creative’s performance and added “For those who can’t relate… The little boy was abducted and forced to join the army in very young age… Fortunately the little girl was recused The last scene is the reunion of the the little girl as a aid worker and his brother as a soldier… Myanmar(burma) has the longest civil war in the world and still happening and a lot of children have been forced to work for or join the army.” That just made the performance all the more touching for us.

Why did Howie Mandel pick Hans?

That said, Howie Mandel is known to support comic acts, he has always advocated for stand ups and acts that are different on AGT as well as AGT: Champions. Maybe Hans catered to his palate more than Junior Creative, which justifies his decision in the end.

It also makes you wonder if the results might have been different had the decision been completely up to the viewers at home. At the very least, Junior Creative has gained plenty of new fans who weren’t familiar with them before the show. Do you think Hans deserved to stay over Junior Creative? Let us know in the comments down below.

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