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Here’s Why Kelly Clarkson Won’t Release Any More Tracks From ‘Chemistry (Deluxe)’

Kelly Clarkson at Audacy's We Can Survive ConcertPhoto by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Audacy

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After releasing Chemistry (Deluxe), Kelly Clarkson revealed she still has unreleased music in her vault. However, the pop megastar immediately made it clear that she doesn’t have plans on releasing it, ever. Here’s why.

Kelly Clarkson Won’t Release Other Tracks from Chemistry (Deluxe)

During her backstage interview with Audacy, at their 10th Annual We Can Survive concert, Clarkson stated that she has created a “ton of songs” for her album, but decided to not release them all. According to the pop singer, she just had a few songs originally intended for an extended release.

“I had a select few that I was like, ‘Why don’t we just save some because there were so many, and there were so many thoughts.’ And usually people do a deluxe later anyway so I was like, ‘Okay, cool,'” she said.

When asked if she has any intentions of releasing her remaining songs, Clarkson said she doesn’t. As she expressed, the extra tracks are “just for me,” hinting that privacy is her primary reason.

“The others shouldn’t be released,” she said. “I felt like I could release anything that was already out there without me even saying anything.”


The singer is not unaware of the personal matters that the public has managed to know about her and her family over the years. Citing that fact, Clarkson stated that she’s now fine with what the people know so far regarding her issues. Nonetheless, her unreleased music, if put out, will give away more. Therefore, she’s decided to keep them in the vault.

Last June, the singer dropped her tenth studio album through Atlantic Records. Ahead of its release, fans long speculated that Chemistry would be Clarkson’s divorce album. However, she clarified in September that she didn’t want the record to be branded as that.

“I didn’t want it to be a divorce album; I wanted it to be a relationship album. And there’s good stuff on there, like ‘Favorite Kind of High.’ There’s good parts,” she explained. “It wasn’t all bad, so I wanted to celebrate that as a whole. For the most part, it’s sad. But that’s how I work through what’s going on with me: through writing.”

After the studio album was met with positive feedback, Clarkson released its expanded version, Chemistry (Deluxe). There, Clarkson issued five new tracks, two remixes and a live recording.

She Talks Having Mental Health Conversations with Her Kids

Elsewhere in the interview, the “Since U Been Gone” singer also discussed how she and her kids process their emotions. The pop singer shares daughter River Rose, 9, and son Remington Alexander, 7 with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock.

“My kids are both very good, it’s awesome. It’s funny because for me, growing up, it was so different. But, for them, they are very good at expressing themselves,” she said.

Clarkson also talked how her kids have been adjusting to the New York City life. As per Clarkson, she didn’t really think she’ll permanently live in the city. Now, she’s loving every single bit of the place.

“My son walked out of his school and was like, ‘This is the right school for me. The other one didn’t fit like this one,'” she said.

Regarding Halloween, the singer stated that they don’t have any plans yet. Nonetheless, Clarkson is game with whatever the two kids would want in the next weeks.

“I’m the parent that totally dresses up with their children. I also do it, though, because I get in disguise,” she said.

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