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‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Back to Back Episodes Lead to Elimination of Two Black Jacket Chefs

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“I can’t say red team blue team anymore, but I can say Black Jackets!” In these back to back episodes, the final five chefs were put to the test as individuals for the first time, but those who valued teamwork thrived over the loan wolf stand outs. Two chefs were eliminated tonight leaving only one episode left before the Young Gun winner earns their prize.

The Top 5 Black Jacket Chefs competed in their first individual challenge tasked with creating a work of art on a plate that had to both taste good and look beautiful. Ramsay began the challenge by taking selfies and then photos of each chef’s dish. The Young Guns all thought he was just being a cheesy dad, until Ramsay announced he would be posting the photos live for his 7.5 million followers to vote on which dish they thought was the most visually stunning.

“Only a psychopath would choose to do this,” Chef Brynn joked as she plated individual seed pods with tweezers on the plate.

Chef Ludo Lefebvre joined Ramsay to taste the dishes. Trenton and Megan each earned perfect scores on the tasting portion of the challenge, but Trenton was ranked first based on the social media votes, making him the first winner of a Black Jacket challenge. He was rewarded with a private tour of the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at Caesar’s Palace with the Head Chef and Season 17 winner, Michelle Tribble.

“Petite food, small plates, that’s where my heart is,” Trenton said.

First Black Jacket Dinner Service Proves Uneventful

Despite the fact that they are no longer technically teammates, Kiya and Megan’s teamwork proved to their advantage. They began dinner service completely in-sync, which kicked the evening off to a good start. Meanwhile, Brynn got easily flustered and had a difficult time tracking the orders on her fish station.

She was able to bounce back as Trenton set the garnish station up in literal flames and Steve fell behind on the meat station.

“Chef Ramsay wants you to look someone in their soul and say ‘six minutes’ and Steve just can’t do it,” said Kiya. Steve continued to get behind due to his lack of voice in the kitchen. While the dinner service ended on a high note with all chefs able to recover from their stumbles, Brynn and Steve were voted into the bottom two, Brynn due to her anxiety and Steve due to his reserved nature.

“Steve you’ve been one of the most consistent chefs in this competition, the finesse you hold is extraordinary for a 21 year old, you cook with confidence and you have the swagger. If there’s one thing that I doubt right now, it’s the voice to back up the cooking,” Ramsay said before he was eliminated. “After this competition, my door is still open. In fact, keep your jacket, I don’t want it.”

Final Four Chefs Battle for a Spot in the Finale

The Top 4 Black Jacket Chefs headed to the beach for a seaside barbecue challenge. The chefs all had to create and execute a dish to satisfy the beach-goers who then voted for their favorite dish. Trenton won his second challenge in a row with his barbecue salmon dish.

“I’m pissed that I keep losing to that arrogant prick Trenton,” said Kiya. “Honestly, I wish he would just lose once, just so he can see that he’s not the best.” She lost the challenge to Trenton by only three votes.

Moving into dinner service, Kiya was clearly still fuming, which seemed to shake her. Each chef took a turn running the kitchen to prove to Ramsay that they were ready to be head chef. Some excelled, spotting each sabotaged dish, while others struggled.

In the most hilarious moment of the season, Chef Christina sent up tuna tartar instead of beef tartar to test Trenton. Even with Ramsay standing over his shoulder literally spelling out “T-U-N-A,” it took him a minute to figure out what was wrong with the dish.

During her turn at the pass, Brynn missed multiple tests. She grew visibly frustrated and teared up once again.

“Brynn definitely has what it takes to be a great head chef,” Ramsay said. “Once she learns to control her emotions, I know she will get there.”

Trenton, Kiya, and Megan are all who remain in this season’s Young Guns special season. Tune in to next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox to see the final challenge before the finale.

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