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Gabby Barrett Drops Slow-Burning Ballad “Growin’ Up Raising You”

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American Idol alum Gabby Barrett is is reflecting on her tough experiences as a young mom with her new song “Growin’ Up Raising You.” This recent release is one track off her upcoming album Chapter & Verse.

Gabby Barrett Releases New Song About Motherhood “Growin’ Up Raising You”

Alongside the release of her newest song, Barrett posted a video explanation, sharing a candid reflection of motherhood. The Idol alum described “Growin’ Up Raising You” as a “very sensitive” song that recounts her profound journey as a young mom of three.

“‘Growin’ Up Raising You’ is a very sensitive song for me, I would say. It talks about exactly what the title says, ‘Growin’ Up Raising You,'” she said. “I’m only 23. I don’t have all the answers to everything, I have not got everything figured out. I am doing the best that I can, while trying to raise other people to be the best people that they can be.”

It can’t be hidden that “Growin’ Up Raising You” is an intimate release for the country singer who debuted the song alongside a sweet childhood photo with her own mother, Pam Barrett. In the snap, Pam was lovingly looking at baby Gabby dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween 2000.

“It’s just so interesting and I feel so blessed to be able to have three little lives that I can help to flourish in life while I am also trying to figure out life myself,” she said.

“Growin’ Up Raising You” is specifically dedicated for her first born, Baylah May Foehner. It is written alongside her “amazing friends” Jon Nite, Zach Kale and Jimmy Robbins.

Indeed, the track beautifully captures Barrett’s mixed emotions of fear and hope of motherhood. With “Growin’ Up Raising You,” the singer channels her tantalizing vocals, simultaneously unleashing her vulnerability and unquestionable strength.

She Unveil Cover Art for Chapter & Verse.

“Growin’ Up Raising You” is one of the songs from Barrett’s much-anticipated sophomore album, Chapter & Verse. Out on February 2, 2024, the album will be her most autobiographical work to date following her Platinum debut Goldmine.

Most recently, Barrett revealed the cover art of her upcoming album. In the cover, she is dressed in a white corset, tan pants and a sheer lace duster against a background of rolling hills covered in a light mist.

“CHAPTER & VERSE COVER REVEAL. I’m so excited to share this project with y’all on 2.2.24. It’s been such a special experience not only writing these songs, but also co-producing them with @rosscopperman,” she wrote.

In a previous interview with Entertainment Tonight, Barrett admitted that she’s “more intentionally connected” to her songs this time.

“Every song moves me in a certain way, and it’s just me grown up. The past years that I’ve lived, I’ve lived a lot of years in a short amount of time. It’s grown up, it’s fresh, and I’m hoping people really can resonate with it,” she said.

Chapter & Verse will also feature songs co-written by Miranda Lambert and Luke Combs.

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