“F**k Off!”: Mel B Shouts & Swears At Reality Show Star Joey Essex

Former AGT judge and ex-Spice Girl Mel B recently appeared on the British panel show Celebrity Juice, where she got a bit worked up over a comment from reality star Joey Essex.

After she questioned Joey about his love life, the Only Way Is Essex star accused her of trying to hit on him. Mel B responded by angrily dropping an F-bomb as the audience laughed.

Mel B yells at Joey Essex on “Celebrity Juice.”

Mel B Yells At Joey Essex On ‘Celebrity Juice’

After Joey revealed that he’s single, Mel pointed out that she had seen him at Rita Ora’s house after an all-night party. Joey insisted that he and the singer are “just friends.”

Mel pointed out that Joey was “very much in love” the last time he was on the show. Host Keith Lemon remarked that Mel seemed “very interested” in Joey’s love life. That prompted Joey to say, “Oi, Mel B was sticking it on me last week, trust.”


“Fuck off! No, I wasn’t!” Mel B said, as the audience and panel laughed and applauded. She then asked to move on with the games. Watch the exchange starting at 11:20 in the video above.

Joey’s ex-girlfriend Lorena Medina actually revealed this week that they broke up over his night with Rita. “He told me, ‘I had a crazy night and I stayed at my friend’s’ and that was fine,” she explained. “But he didn’t tell me it was a girl and he didn’t mention Rita Ora. I told Joey, ‘This s*** can’t happen. Are you crazy?'”

Mel B hits back at Simon Cowell on “AGT.”

Mel B’s History Of Getting Worked Up

Mel has been known to get worked up and defensive on shows like America’s Got Talent. It’s easy to see why, when she has to deal with snarky comments from people like Simon Cowell.


It happened so often that Talent Recap put together a montage of Mel firing back at Simon during the show. She yelled at him for pushing her red buzzer and threw her water at him after he said she can’t dance.

Simon also has an annoying habit of meowing into the microphone when female judges criticize female contestants. At one point, Mel even threw the noise back at him. Check it out in the video above.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

Jill O’Rourke is a contributor at Talent Recap, writing news stories and recaps for shows like ‘AGT,’ ‘The Voice,’ and ‘American Idol.’ She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in English and Film Studies, and has been writing about pop culture since 2012, with previous bylines at Crushable and A Plus. Jill spends her free time binge-watching sitcoms and daydreaming about life as a hobbit

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