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Fans Confused Why Khloe Kardashian Is Involved In Ex Tristan Thompson’s New Paternity Drama With Another Woman

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Khloe Kardashian and baby daddy Tristan Thompson have had rumors swirling recently that the pair are expecting their second child together. Now Tristan is dealing with some more drama as a woman named Kimberly Alexander continues to claim that he is the father of her child. And Khloe of all people is helping Tristan pursue legal action leaving so many questions for fans to ponder.


Tristan Thompson Already Took One Paternity Test

On Mother’s Day, Tristan went all out for Khloe. He gifted her with an elaborate pink balloon display to show his appreciation for her and all that she does for him and their baby girl True. This struck a nerve for Kimberly who decided to speak out and say that Tristan is the father of her 6-year-old son. She said that Tristan has been neglecting his son and that it isn’t right. Although Tristan has already taken one paternity test that came back as a negative match, Kimberly believes that the Kardashian family had something to do with foiling the results of the test. She posted the following Instagram caption that has since been deleted.


Kimberly accused Tristan of taking the test from a lab that is trusted by the Kardashians. She describes this as “sketchy” and thinks they had something to do with the results. She is now calling for a Tristan to take a second test in a different lab to prevent anything from being orchestrated by the Kardashians. Kimberly has a celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom on her side to try and get Tristan to take another test. However, Tristan and Khloe are teaming up with attorney Marty Singer to send out a cease and desist letter.

Both Khloe and Tristan felt like Kimberly is defaming them.


Khloe Recently Confirmed She Is Not Pregnant Before Getting Involved In The Drama

Khloe was believed to be pregnant with Tristan’s baby after posting some old pictures. She took to Twitter to clear up the rumors. She said “I don’t go on social platforms much these days AND this is one of the main reasons as to why I stay away. The sick and hurtful things people say. I am disgusted by so many things I am seeing. SMH people swear they know everything about me. Including my uterus. Sick.”

With this in mind, fans are wondering why Khloe is inserting herself into Tristan’s legal issues. This is even more confusing now if she is not expecting his child. She was a part of the cease and desist and claiming that Kimberly is making false accusations about her character. The Shade Room Instagram was buzzing with people questioning Khloe’s actions. She and Tristan are not currently in a relationship after his cheating scandal with Jordyn Woods.

“Why is Khloe Kardashian involved?” said one comment.

“Why is Khloe getting involved yea she pregnant,” said another. It seems like Khloe’s Twitter rant still didn’t convince people that she is not pregnant.

“She is gonna stand behind her toxic King by any means,” said one person. This implies that Khloe will always have Tristan’s back no matter his faults.

“For somebody who is not pregnant, she doing the most,” said one comment.

“Wait wait wait Khloe is NOT his wife, why is she involved?” was the popular question.  

Who Is Kimberly Alexander?

The question everyone is wondering definitely has a lot to do with how Kimberly and Tristan know each other. She is a model, although she recently posted that she started an OnlyFans account that charges fans each month for exclusive content. This includes anything from partial nudity to explicit photos and videos. She recently posted an Instagram story with a black screen that says “My truth will be heard.” The ironic part is that her next Instagram story was promoting her OnlyFans account. Not to clear Tristan’s name or anything, but we have seen instances in the past where women have accused celebrities of fathering their children only to gain more exposure and money through their OnlyFans accounts. Model Celina Powell did the exact thing with Rapper OffSet and the rumors turned out to be false.

She recently posted some text exchanges that are allegedly between her and Tristan. In the text messages, she accuses Kris Jenner of trying to pay her to keep quiet about the child. Kimberly also alleges in an Instagram message that she met Tristan and the pair had several sexual encounters and even made an NSFW video together six years ago. She would like to be compensated for the “emotional distress” he has caused her.


It may be hard for some to believe Kimberly’s case considering that just a few minutes ago right after posting about telling her story and her emotional distress, she posted a twerking video on her Instagram story. She looked rather calm as she wore a teeny bikini in what looks to be a hot tub. Take this information however you please.


It seems like Khloe Kardashian will always stick by Tristan Thompson no matter what. It appears they are getting along just fine while in quarantine together as more details emerge about this paternity drama. And who knows, maybe more children will be in the cards for them in the future, especially after Khloe called Tristan her sperm donor.

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