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‘DWTS’ Features Julianne Hough, Alfonso Ribeiro in New Promo Video

Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough for 'Dancing With the Stars'ABC

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Dancing With The Stars has just released a brand-new promotional video featuring its season 32 hosting duo, Julianne Hough and Alfonso Ribeiro. As fans welcome Hough in the hosting realm, they also boldly express their bliss over Tyra Banks’ exit.

DWTS Fans React to New Promo Video Featuring Julianne Hough, Alfonso Ribeiro

In one of its most recent uploads, DWTS teased season 32 with an enthusiastic promo video of Hough and Ribeiro. The neon-colored visualizer presented the duo dancing, as they were wearing their best hosting ensemble.

“It’s a new spin on Dancing with the Stars!” the video spoke.

Upon watching the teaser, fans can’t help but cheerfully point out Banks’ absence. In the comment section, many fans thanked the series for “getting rid of Tyra.” Such sentiment was seconded by several others.

“Thank goodness you guys didn’t keep Tyra. Couldn’t stand to watch her on there,” one user wrote.

“I’ll start watching again. Tyra has left the building,” another user commented.

In early March, Banks announced her plans to resign from her hosting role on DWTS. Banks was the show’s host for three seasons, completing a divisive tenure due to her live blunders and bizarre costume changes. Indeed, the supermodel’s decision to leave the series was voluntary, but many fans believe it’s time for her to step out.

Fans Still Think Tom Bergeron, Erin Andrews are the Show’s Best Hosts

Fans totally agree that Hough will be a good fit for host. Nonetheless, they are still sentimental when it comes to former hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews.

“Still think Tom and Erin were THE BEST!!” a fan wrote.

One fan even suggested that the show should “bring back Tom” to fill a hosting duty. Be that as it may, several think that Hough will do an amazing job with Ribeiro.

“Though I don’t think its right how they ousted Tom and Erin (especially Tom) I’ve always loved Alfonso and think he is a great host. Julianne is a perfect choice and I can’t wait to see them host together,” another fan commented.

Amazingly, not only fans approve of Hough’s newest role, but Bergeron himself. Back in April, he took to Instagram to share his thoughts about the DWTS change. The 67-year-old Emmy winner uploaded a photo of him being hugged by Hough and her brother Derek, taken during his time on the show.

“Glad the show’s in good hands,” he wrote. “Their feet ain’t bad, either.”

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