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Dwight Howard Shares Sweet Reason for ‘Masked Singer’ Costume, Song Choice

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Earlier this season on The Masked Singer, NBA player Dwight Howard was revealed to be under the Octopus mask. He delivered a delightful performance of “Tutti Frutti” by Little Richard.

Howard had such a fun stage presence that we’re sad to see him go. In a recent interview after his elimination, the Lakers star revealed the sweet reason behind the design of his costume and his choice of song.

Dwight Howard Shares Inspiration Behind ‘Masked Singer’

Howard told Spectrum SportsNet that The Masked Singer is his mom’s favorite show. He even surprised her by ending her week in Los Angeles with a visit to the show. Howard also made sure to make his Octopus costume purple, explaining that it’s his mom’s favorite color.

The athlete’s song choice was also inspired by his family, as he shared that “Tutti Frutti” is his sister’s favorite song, since her nickname is Tutti. Howard said he had a “great time” on the show, and it definitely came through in his performance.

As for why he chose to be the Octopus in particular, Howard told People that they’re both “misunderstood.” As he explained, “People are afraid of it, but once they get around the octopus and they see how cool the octopus is, how smart it is, they have a different view.”


Did the Judges Guess Who Was Behind the Octopus Mask?

The judges loved Howard’s performance as the Octopus, with Jenny McCarthy comparing his charisma to Wiz Khalifa last season. She told him, “I wanna party with you!” The panel was touched when he admitted that he was a mama’s boy.

Due to Howard’s height (he’s 6’10”), the judges correctly assumed that he was a basketball player. McCartney guessed that it could be Dennis Rodman. Nicole Scherzinger thought it could be Shaquille O’Neal. However, only Ken Jeong correctly guessed that it was Dwight Howard.

Howard had a great attitude about being eliminated. Although he admitted that the costume was hot, he said he “would have stayed here all summer.” We’re glad he had such a good time, and we love that he did it for his mom.

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