The Most Shocking Celebrity Reveals in ‘The Masked Singer’ History

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While the next season of The Masked Singer is off to an exciting start, let’s reminisce on some of the best celebrity contestants the show has ever seen. By best, we mean they completely stumped the judges and their reveals shocked us all. These contestants didn’t need to win the whole competition to be considered the best surprises in our book.

There are plenty of surprises around the corner for us in the new season of The Masked Singer. New costumes, celebrities, and guest panelists. There have been fives seasons and 79 contestants, let’s look back at which ones have played the game the best.

The Most Shocking ‘The Masked Singer’ Contestants Ranked:

7. Bulldog

I had to start with this one since Nick Cannon’s own co-stars had no idea that he was behind the mask. He came and really stirred up the competition as the wildcard in season five. Nobody expected Cannon to be on the show since he had been sick with Covid-19, but he happily gave a memorable performance.

6. Taco

From the clue packages, the panelists quickly thought this was Bob Saget (who was this contestants special guest in their second clue package). But, Tom Bergeron kept his America’s Funniest Home Videos reputation concealed during his time as Taco. As soon as he was unmasked, he starting listing how each of the panelists know him, I’m sure no one is surprised that he mostly knew them from Dancing With The Stars.

5. Swan

As someone who can (no shame) say they jammed to Bella Thorne’s first studio album, let me just say, her performances on this show didn’t sound like her at all. I wasn’t very surprised that the panelists didn’t guess her identity. I was a bit surprised when they were still lost even after she gave away that she had worked with Ken Jeong. When she was unmasked, it suddenly came back to Jeong that they were in The Duff together in 2015.

4. Elephant

Tony Hawk came on the stage as The Elephant and really turned season three upside down. No one had ever heard Tony Hawk sing, so it was super surprising when we did. The panelists had no idea that he was the Tony Hawk, they instead guessed he was someone in government, or a DJ. The reason the panelists were so confused was based on the fact that Hawk didn’t have a skateboard in any of his clues packages.

3. Ladybug

The celebrity panelists had absolutely no idea that Kelly Osbourne was behind Ladybug. They noted family dynamics and drama, but never put it together that she is the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. By far her best game tactic was faking an accent under her mask. This definitely threw the panelists off, they were so surprised to see her revealed.

2. Monster

T-Pain was great on The Masked Singer, but not in the way that you would expect. The panelists had no idea who he was because most of his music uses autotune. No one really knew that he had such a soulful voice. It was a completely new vibe for this singer.

1. Bear

Sarah Palin probably played this game the best out of anyone I’ve seen. She made it obvious that she could be someone totally different in her performances. No one was going to guess that someone heavily involved in the government would come on stage and twerk!

Her performance was the exact opposite of what everyone expected and that’s why she did so well in this game. Even when she was being unmasked the panelists thought she was SNL actress and Palin impersonator Tina Fey.

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