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Demi Lovato’s Touring Days Might Be Over…

Demi Lovato at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music AwardsPhoto by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

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In a series of already-deleted Instagram stories, Demi Lovato announces that her Holy Fvck Tour will be her “last”. The “29” singer recently hit the road, yet, it seems like she’s done with touring. Could this truly be the end of her live singing career?

Demi Lovato Unexpectedly Says that She Can’t Do the Tour Anymore

The multi-talented singer has seemed to reach her limit according to the captions of her Instagram story posts. “I’m so f—king sick I can’t get out of bed,” she shared. This text was written on a photo of a hotel room window.

Soon after the first post, Lovato followed up with another. Within the post Lovato revealed that this is her last tour.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Finally, she announced, “This next tour will be my last. I love and thank you guys.”

It was not a secret that Lovato has had rough years in the past. In fact, the singer has been open in sharing her journey to sobriety and how it greatly contributed to the creation of her eighth studio album, Holy Fvck. Lovato remained silent regarding her diagnosis.

Fans Immediately Reflected on Her Story Posts

Fans were quick to reply to Lovato’s posts, since her statement was so sudden. The situation reminded many of what Lovato went through in 2018. Fans are hoping that she is not having the same struggles as before.

“The reality is demi lovato loves us probably too much.. they love music they love touring but with everything the life has thrown at them in the last few years i think it was all too much too soon ..what happened to demi was ALOT more than we as a fanbase will ever really realise,” one tweet read.

Additionally, several supporters urged the singer to take some time off and rest. Hours before Lovato headlined her concert in Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile, she posted another story.

“Gonna power thru it for you guys,” she wrote. “I’ll need help singing so sing loud for me bb’s!”

The songstress then uploaded a mirror selfie taken backstage. Even though Lovato seemed sick earlier in the day, she proved that the show will go on.

“I barely have a voice I’m gonna be pointing the mic to the audience a lot tonight,” she wrote. “Please sing for me.”

As seen in fan-recorded video clips, the singer was still belting her heart out despite her previously deleted posts. After her performance in Chile, she went to Instagram again and expressed appreciation to her fans.

Whether Lovato’s deleted stories are absolute is yet to be confirmed. Until then, fans can anticipate to hear from the singer as she continues the Holy Fvck Tour.

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