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Demi Lovato Talks About “Radical Acceptance” in Their Sobriety

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Demi Lovato recently updated fans on their sobriety journey. In December 2021, they became “sober sober” rather than “California sober.” After nearly seven months, the singer reveals where they currently are mentally.

In a recent interview with Mix 104.1 in Boston, Lovato got candid about their sobriety. They revealed that they’re currently at a good point with their sobriety. In the past, when asked about their sobriety, they would say that “everyday’s a challenge,” but such is not the case anymore.

“At that point in my life I had people around me that wanted me to be sober, I don’t think I wanted it. I tried just smoking weed, I tried doing this, I made all of the bargaining choices,” Lovato said. “I just realized that none of it works for me, what’s come into my life is acceptance of being able to say that voice doesn’t follow me around everyday.”

In light of their radical acceptance, the singer explains that they “rarely think about substances.” They acknowledge that this point in their life is beautiful and “something I never thought would happen to me.”

The Creation of Holy Fvck

A big part of Lovato’s sobriety has been the creation of their upcoming album, Holy Fvck. Lovato took the leap to create Holy Fvck following treatment, since the rock genre is what they’re truly passionate about. They created this album “clean and sober.”

“I’ve done a lot of work on myself, I’ve put myself back through treatment again, and now I’ve come out with a clear head and sober and just like learning to be in my skin,” Lovato said of their recent experience. “There’s also an element of like I’m turning 30 next month, there’s something about entering your thirties that you just become more accepting of where you are in life and you’re not trying so hard to be anybody anymore, you’re stepping into your identity.”

Lovato’s current life has been “really good and really happy” ahead of the release of Holy Fvck. In addition to the album drop on August 19, the singer plans to tour around the country.

In light of Shawn Mendes having to step away from his ongoing tour, Lovato poured their heart out for him. They acknowledged that they know the exact feeling Mendes has since they’ve gotten back out on the road when they weren’t ready for it.

To ensure Lovato won’t feel the same way, they’ve heavily prepared for their first tour in four years. This singer is no stranger to touring (since they’ve been doing it since the age of 15), but this time is different since they’re pushing 30 years old. They shared that they’ve been making sure everything is in line for their body. Lovato has regularly seen their therapist, been working hard at the gym, and more.

Lovato launches their tour days ahead of the release of their album, Holy Fvck. The tour begins this August in Illinois and concludes in Texas this November. Tickets are on sale at each venue.

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