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David Archuleta Debunks Wild TikTok of Man Claiming He’s His Worst First Date

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American Idol runner-up David Archuleta has shut down a wild narrative of a man claiming he went on a coffee date with him. In a lengthy TikTok video, the pop singer explained why he couldn’t have possibly dated the guy.  

Man Claims David Archuleta Went on a Date with Him, Asked for His Feet Pics

Asking people on the streets of New York City about “the worst first date they’ve ever been on,” TikToker Emma Wahl posted an interview of a man who detailed his “coffee date with a singer guy.” In the video, the guy stated that the person he went on a date with was on a singing competition show when he was 16.

He went on to state that the singer placed second and told how annoyed he was that the person who won had the same first name as him. For those who may not know, Archuleta came in second on American Idol in 2008 losing to David Cook.

“Also his coffee order was eight pumps of caramel in one cold brew with two packs of sugar. And he’d mixed it in for like 20 minutes. I just simply cannot fathom consuming that much sugar in one go,” he said.

Furthermore, he claimed that the singer brought a guitar to serenade him. This gesture, according to him, has made him feel embarrassed. 

“I was like, there are people around and you’re making noise,” he said

He then revealed that the singer texted him after he got home and asked for his feet pics. When asked what the name of the celebrity is, he refused to mention any name. 


K i died when someone showed this to me so let me add some commentary

♬ original sound – David Archuleta

The Singer Reacts to the Viral TikTok Video

In response, Archuleta filmed a TikTok video spelling out reasons why the story was false. First, he stated that he would never play guitar in public because he doesn’t take pride in his skills. 

“My guitar skills are like Ariana Grande deciding to do a WWE match suddenly in a coffee shop,” he said. “My guitar skills are like a dance contemporary duo where one of them has to lift the other one and the one being lifted is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.”

Archuleta also stated that he’s not one to talk about his milestones and appearances on television. As he said, he was too self-conscious to bring that up in conversations. As for the feet pics narrative, Archuleta denied the same.

“I would not ask for feet pics from anyone,” he said. “I’ll save the rest for when I get to know you and desire more.”

At the end of the video, Archuleta set the record straight – the guy is not his type. 

“I’m not saying that he’s a bad-looking guy, it’s just I have a different type,” he said. “You’ll tend to see me with more like Hispanic, Latino-type looking folk. This is my type, my roots.”

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