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‘Clash of the Cover Bands’ Recap: Meghan Trainor’s Favorite Battle Yet

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Clash of the Cover Bands returned on E! for its newest episode that featured Elisa Furr covering Celine Dion and Elaine Gibbs covering Aretha Franklin. These two singers impressed the judges with their impressions, but Elisa Furr covering Celine Dion reigned victorious in the end.

The judges began the episode by explaining what makes a great powerhouse vocalist. The judges agreed that these tribute singers needed to give everything they’ve got in the challenge to prove they have what it takes to be the winner.

Up first, the show introduced Elisa covering Celine Dion. This singer’s story began with how she learned she loved to perform on stage. At 14 years-old she competed in pageants because she was able to sing in front of an audience. Once she was older, she moved to Las Vegas, NV, to chase after her dreams. Many opportunities were given to her, but she knew Celine Dion was her calling after a room went silent when they heard her sing.

As soon as this impersonator began singing, Meghan Trainor called out that she is paying tribute to Celine Dion. This impersonator had some great vocals even in her first performance. Adam Lambert told this singer that he was really impressed with her vocals. Eventually the judges decided to send the impersonator to the movement expert.

Aretha Franklin Impersonator Leaves Judges Speechless

Elaine Gibbs covering Aretha Franklin is a familiar face to some X Factor fans. She competed in the first season of the series and was mentored by Nicole Scherzinger. She began singing in a choir at 9 years old, but began singing Aretha Franklin music around 14 years old. This impersonator became a tribute artist three years ago soon after Aretha passed away in 2018.

This vocalist dropped the jaws of the judges with her vocal chords, she was able to wow them in the first performance! They considered this impersonators performance as an adrenaline ride in the best way possible. The judges acknowledged that there wasn’t much for her to improve on, but they still had her meet with the costume designer to make her outfit even more iconic.

Elisa Furr covering Celine Dion met with Ray Leeper, who has worked with Celine Dion in the past. He helped this impersonator get out of her head while on stage. Elaine Gibbs covering Aretha Franklin met with Maggie Berry, a costume designer who has worked for Cher, Bon Jovi, LMFAO. This designer knows her Aretha Franklin history, so she was able to bring the iconic style into the impersonator’s life.


These Impersonators Were Absolutely Flawless as Their Tribute

The singers premiered an amped up version of their initial performance, yet both performers were still amazing. The Aretha impersonator looked wonderful in her new glammed up outfit, while the Celine Dion impersonator connected with the audience better. This was definitely the judges toughest decision yet.

“You know what what I’ve seen here is the definition of heart and soul on the stage. You’re embodying the people you came out to embody,” said Esther Dean. “It show you studied it showed you looked at the craft, and respected it and then brought it to the stage. You gave us powerhouse vocals, so I just thank you for that.”

After that, Trainor noted that this is her favorite battle yet. She acknowledged that both singers are absolutely amazing at their skill.

Out of both powerhouse vocalist Elisa Furr covering Celine Dion won the episode. Elisa Furr is the sixth winner of Clash of the Cover bands. They are now going home with $10,000, a performance on The Jimmy Fallon Show, and the chance to compete to be crowned the ultimate cover band at the end of the season.

Clash of the Cover Bands will not air on November 24 due to the Thanksgiving holiday, instead their next episode, ’80s icons, will air on December 1.

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