Christie Brinkley Sets the Record on Her Injury Straight With New Hospital Photos

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Christie Brinkley was ready to compete on Dancing With the Stars Season 28, but on the morning of the premiere it was announced she had to drop out due to injury. Debate ensued over whether or not the injury was real or not, but Christie is putting the rumors to rest with some new photos.

What REALLY Happened to Christie?

The Big Fall

Just days before the DWTS premiere, Christie’s arm shattered due to a fall during dance rehearsal. But her daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook quickly stepped up to the plate and is now filling in for Christie for the remainder of the season.
Sailor Brinkley-Cook makes her Dancing With the Stars debut

The Skepticism About Christie Injuries And DWTS

Christie claimed the break was one of the worst her doctor had ever seen and had to undergo surgery in order to allow it to heal. But some people were thrown off by the timing of the whole thing. Wendy Williams – a former DWTS contestant herself – said on her talk show that the whole thing seemed like a set-up from the beginning and that she believed Christie may have signed up with the intention to have her daughter replace her the whole time in order to help her Sailor’s career.

Wendy Williams discusses Christie’s injury and the Dancing With the Stars premiere

Christie Brinkley Shutting It Down

Christie soon fired back against Wendy’s claims, saying on The Talk that she was disappointed she would accuse her of doing something like that, especially after Christie had been a support for her during tough times in her life.

Christie Brinkley lays the rumors to rest on The Talk

Photographic Evidence Of Christie’s injuries

Even after her appearance on The Talk, people were still giving Christie grief about the rumors. So a week later she took to her Instagram page to show off a set of photos of her in the hospital. She said it was important to her that the truth be clear because of the backlash her daughter had been receiving since the announcement.

Christie Brinkley’s hospital photoset and message to her daughter

Tell us: Are you rooting for Sailor Brinkley-Cook on DWTS?


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